Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaving Del Rio behind

I waked up this morn'n to the sound of a garbage truck....trash cans bang'n, doors slam'n...."my God, I'm try'n to sleep here". Oh wait, it's Barney hook'n up his truck to his little bitty travel trailer. He's leaving. Pooooof....he's gone, just like that.

Today is departure day ya know, head south. There's a big ass storm headed this way an' Del Rio ain't where ya wanna be. When I think of big ass storms, I'm think'n blizzard conditions....hunnert mile a hour winds, rain, freez'n cold temps, power lines down....SNOW! Well, I don't suppose it's gonna be anywhere's that bad, but I ain't gonna be here to find out. 

As I sit here at my modified computer station sip'n up a cup, I look out the winders....it's freak'n rain'n out there. I'm all hooked up an' ready to roll. Soon I get that other eye open, I'm out of here. Have ya ever wake up in the morn'n an' look at something....an' the other eye is look'n at something else? Now ya know what I'm talk'n bout. It takes time an' good coffee to get both eyes focused on one object.

First stop, the Exxon station just up the road a piece. Put some go-jo in this big sucker so's I don't run out somewheres down the road. "Damn Sally, you drink too much".

See ya down the road a piece.....


  1. Darn a blizzard is headed to Del Rio and I did not know it....wait for me, I am going with you!

    It is only going to be cold for two days (in the upper 50's lower 30's at night) by Friday it will be sunny and back up in the 70's.

    Had a nice visit with you guys...hope your legs don't hurt....jajajajajaja

    May Sadie and you have a safe trip :)

  2. Don't be cussin' at Sally now, she gets good mileage for a house. Don't forget.

  3. Just be like me, I never check my fuel mileage. I just fill it up every morning that I am on the road. I have no idea what it is. I probably don't want to know.

    1. That's the way to do DD and if your lucky no ones at the pumps at 530 in the am...

  4. From Whitsett Tx rest area. 74 degrees and very strong winds. Lunch drink has whitecaps in it and I am inside the Castle.

  5. Sounds like you have a plan! Continue to have fun...that's the main thing!

  6. Get er going and travel safe, get to warmer places. That we we are planing today, but still too cold for you.