Saturday, November 23, 2013

We charg'n batteries

Yikes......it's cold out there. Well, I guess you could call it cold, I know I damn well do. The bad part is that it's gonna last a few more days, an a few more days locked up in "da house" is gonna drive me crazy. I mean, like what can you do in a little shack besides sit on yer ass, take naps an' watch TV?

Feel'n better is always a good thing. I'm not sick no more this morn'n. The old stomach is just sit'n here say'n..."feed me". That's probly where all the trouble started....eat'n "stuff". I ate some "stuff" the day before I got sick. I know from past experience, that "stuff" has and will make me sick. But I still eat "stuff".

No, I don't eat right....accord'n to what Mrs. Obama wants me to eat.....Grrrrr her. I ain't fat by any means, so what the hell, I eat what I want. I try to cook healthy meals, but by the time I eat 2 gallons of "one pot" whatever, I get burned out. "Where's that damn goat"? That's when I revert to eat'n more "stuff". An' that's when I usually get sick. 

Anyhows.....I got that new charge controller all hook up last night. It seems to be work'n just fine even thought there ain't no sunshine. See!!! An' you thought I didn't no nuttin bout solar.....ha.
There is still further testing to be done to the rest of the system, but that's outside. I ain't go'n outside today. 

Have ya ever got to where ya didn't want to go to bed? I sit here for the last three nights dread'n go'n to bed. Watch'n crap on TV I would never watch no matter what. Stay up till 3am. Ya see, when I lay there toss'n an' turn'n, try'n to go to sleep, my brain kicks in...high gear, an' all kind of weird stuff happens. My past, present an' future life unfolds before my wide open eyes. I see bugger mans over there in the corner. I hear sounds what ain't there. I forget where I'm at...."El Rancho Abraham RV Resort an' Damn Goat Farm". This ain't good. For god's sake, I need my beauty rest ya know.

Speak'n of beauty rest.....I took me a nap one time. An extended nap. When I wake up, it was get'n dark outside. So I get up an' fumble through the fridge for something to make for supper. I build me a great big ol' sammich from hell. Outside it's get'n brighter.....the sun is come'n up over the horizon. It's tomorrow....what the hell??? Ya ever done that???

Ok, I got dishes to do....maybe. Winders need washed on the inside. Maybe do some dust'n.....sweep the floor. You know, girlie stuff. God I hate housework. 


  1. It is surprising what all goes through my mind when I am trying to get to sleep at night!! Why is that? I can think up great stuff for a blog before I go to sleep but in the morning, poof, it is gone. . .

  2. Looks like new Solar controler is doing the trick, now you be good to go again.
    Kinda yukky weather here too, but we got stuff to do.

  3. Glad you aren't sick anymore! Gotta watch whatever that last batch of "stuff" was!

    Good to hear that the charger is working right! Load off your mind, right?

  4. Go find yourself a BIG wood model kit. No matter what, boat, house, car, whatever, that should take care of a few of them days when you are a weather prisoner.

  5. I'm a girlie and I probably hate housework more than you do. When I go to bed and pull the covers up I'm sound asleep within a minute or two. I'd probably sleep straight through til morning if I didn't have to get up for a bathroom call every 2 hours.

  6. Yes, I certainly have mistaken the time of day thinking it was night and vice versa...but back then I was young and could sleep for hours on end...little did I know the hell that was awaiting me in my later years when I would come to suffer from insomnia :-(

    When you have insomnia you lay there for hours and think of all kinds of stuff...past, present and future and you pretty much drive yourself crazy.

    Will check the obituaries this week...maybe my friend's crazy husband kicked the bucket and you wont have to do "girlie work no more".

  7. MsB: You want your friend to change one crazy husband out for BB? Rather like going from the frying pan to the fire, isn't it? :)

    1. jajajajaja Shadowmoss...I guess in a way it is :D

      Actually I do not know how that old fart is still alive, he was in the same nursing home my dad was and I believe they were around the same age.

      My friend is a darling lady and she has always wanted to travel :)

  8. "I try to cook healthy meals, but by the time I eat 2 gallons of "one pot" whatever, I get burned out."

    I have a suggestion however I doubt seriously that you will act on it, I think you like your "stuff" too much.
    Try cooking those same healthy meals but make only 1 gallon or maybe 1/2 gallon of each one each time. Sometimes I make two 'batches' of different meals and alternate back and forth. But I can eat the same thing for 5-6 days and not burn out on it, we are all different.

  9. Did that only one time. (Waking up on the wrong side of the clock) Came home from an "all nighter" and promptly went to bed. Woke up at 7:00 that night and thought I was late for work. Man, that was confusing. Took a few minutes to realise it was still Sunday night. Back to bed!