Friday, November 1, 2013

A new battery for "Sally da house"

Is it better late than never....or is it better never than late. That's sometimes the way it is with blogs...."should'a just keep my mouth shut".

First off, take a look see what one of the Anony's did for the old Billy Bob.

BB Masterson goes here.....dad gum internet....Grrrrrrrrr

Oh, there he is...Billy Bob Masterson.

So's anyhows.....it's a beautiful day outside this morn'n. Was a bit nippy last night, but I was sleep'n, so it didn't make no matter to me. I can handle 49 degs....as long as I got me some covers to wrap up in. 

Yup, I went downtown Del Rio yesterday. I'm on a mission, buy me up a brand spank'n new battery for "Sally".....an' a few eat'em ups. I ask the nice guy in the battery department..."can you help me put "that" big ol' battery in my cart"? He says "that's a marine battery, what ya gonna put it in"? I says....."my house". He start pok'n numbers into the "battery selection" device thingy...."what year is your house". I tell him right now, no pok'n numbers stuff...."I want THAT battery... that one right there on the shelf". He says...."OK, but it ain't gonna work...that's for boats". What the hell nice guy, "that's" the same battery I been using for years. Grrrrrrr..... An' then... the nice lady give me a discount. Either 'cause I'm handsome or 'cause I look old.....or 'cause maybe it's on sale. Either way, I like discounts.

Back at camp, I unloads bout 14 bags of groceries an' a few other "cain't do without" items. Buy me up a smoke/fire/carbon monoxide "talk'n" detector device. It screams "yer house is on fire, git out now"....well, something like that. I ain't even open it yet, so I'm just guess'n what it says. 

Now I got that big ol' heavy battery to put in "da house". That sucker weigh a hunnert pound....or probly closer to 50. When I took the old one out, I knowed I was in trouble put'n the new one in. Not that it's hard or nuttin like that, but I got to lift it up over a doohicky bout 4 or 5 feet high.....then set it gently into the battery holder thingy....way tho hell an' gone down on the other side the doohicky thing. That put a hurt'n my my poor old decrepit back. Had to sit down....eat up a big ol' sammich. 

While I was sit'n there, eat'n on that sammich an' sip'n up a cup, I got to think'n....."them fish is call'n ya Billy Bob". Me an' Sadie Mae jump in "that jeep" an' heads for the fish'n hole. We got right bout a hour of fish'n before it's too dark to drive home. On bout the second cast, a fish pick up my fish'n worm with his lips an' he take off with it......lickity split bout a hunnert mile a hour (spices).  I rares back to set the hook. Glad nobody see me do that. I mean to tell ya, I like to yank his head slap off set'n that hook. "He's a big 'un Barney....git yer camera". In my many years of fish'n, I come to learn that bass fish have a knack at remov'n a hook from their lips. He jump up out the water, do a flip, he undo that hook an' tell me....."sucker". He gone.....poooof, just like that. That was my one an' only bite for the evening.


  1. Good thing you got that battery all in place, Keep feeding that bass and he not gonna be hungry anymore.
    You lookin pretty dapper in that outfit! Amazing what the internet can do.

  2. What you have to go through to put the new battery in place reminds me of what I had to go through to put a new tank of propane in my last RV. I had to lift it and then set it in just a certain way, and then I fell on my back in between two creosote bushes still holding the full propane tank. I've never been back to Arizona since and ain't gonna in the future. Have someone do it for you, please. Let a youngster get some experience and you supervise.

  3. When that sucker goes to jumping stick rod tip in water.Keep tight line.Lernt that fishing for tarpon in

  4. Yea don't you love it when they come over to help ya and then tell the thing you want wont work,they don't know shit from shine-ole yet they swear it is not what you want.... Oh and Gypsy do you work from your blogger dashboard I use that to view my blogs as I don't always get on every day and this lets me go back 2 or 3 days.

  5. Gettin' the battery in place is simple Billie! Buy ya a triple axle trailer and a hi-lo. Chain that sucker up and slowly lower it in place, then sell the trailer and Hi-Lo !!! ha ha ha ha! Hope ya ain't sore tonite.