Thursday, November 14, 2013

Home is where you is

I just don't know what to say......I'm freez'n in Sinton, Texas.

Ok, that's enough of that, the weather is beautiful. I'm look'n out the winders an' there ain't nuttin but sunshine out there. I ain't go'n outside yet 'cause it's still pretty damn cold out there. Would you believe.....it got down to 35 degs last night.....accord'n to my Walmart special temp thingy. An' it's warm'n up fast. This week end will be back up in the 80's.....but look out, there's another cold front headed this way next week. Enjoy the week end.

So what am I gonna do with all this beautiful weather? Well shoot, that's easy, I'm gonna go play a round of golf. Me an' OFM Barney got a tee time for 11am this morn'n just up the street. Be swak'n golf balls all over the place. Of course we will be eat'n up a whole pile of Mexican food after that excit'n round of golf.

It's good to be back in deeper south Texas on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. After spend'n bout 1/3 of my life in the area, I rekon ya could kind of call it home. Not that I would like to spend the rest of my life here though. It's not perfect in any sense of the word. Far as I know, there ain't no where that's perfect. Well maybe Tahiti or somewhere's like that. Do they have a Walmart in Tahiti? Nothing is perfect without a Walmart.

Yesterday I lay around the house think'n. I ain't got it so bad. I'm retired, I got a bucket full of loose change, I got toys to play with, an' most of all, my house has got wheels. I can go somewheres. 

Speak'n of wheels, "that jeep" needs new shoes (front tires). "My God Billy Bob, how much you gonna spend on that damn thing"? Seem like everwhere I go, I got to fix something...or replace something. Grrrrrrrrr "that jeep". I'm too old for this shit.

Speak'n of old, how many old people do ya see ride'n a bicycle down the street. Or throw'n fish'n lures in the water. Or stand'n out on a golf course swak'n golf balls all over the place. Most old folks are sit'n at home in a recliner watch'n TV....or out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' holler'n at the neighbor kids...."git out my yard". I rekon I'm still do'n Ok if'n I can still do that kind of stuff.

Ok....got things to do.....laters.


  1. Not sure I agree with your concept of old people, I haven't watched TV in years, of I'm only 74. then at 90 this woman doesn't think she's old either:
    Old is a frame of mind, in my opinion. I don't have a frame.

  2. Gonna warm up soon for a bit here too, enjoy it like we will.
    I have a frame but no mind.

  3. you always talk of Walmart, why make the richest people in the world richer? That family drives out small stores to no cries it is not fair, the prices they charge in their neighborhood markets are far higher than say Safeway which employ people with union jobs with health care as a bonus and days off and the likes..I get a kick out of you, I turned 65 I am not as spry but I manage and walk many miles and miles, I think old is a frame of mind, not an actual age or whatever..You are blessed indeed, many in this state where I live the pacific northwest are cold, hungry & unemployed many homeless and many children go to bed hungry, you have a warm place to live, food, hydration and it seems not much to worry about, not many here can say that, please be grateful for your many many blessings, you have a lot believe you me. We get over 200 days it is cold as can be, imagine how it feels to be always cold, hungry and desperate it is here..ciao

  4. I meant to say many cannot say they have a warm bed to sleep, food, hydration..It is 200 plus days of inclement weather and it is bone chilling when it snows and ice..Many don't have warm clothing or anything to look forward to..be very grateful for your many blessings..ciao!

  5. Hey Billy Bob, Maybe you should get stock in Walmart ; just think how much more money you would have to spend with at your local Wallyworld store. I rarely go there these days - concrete floors ( too punishing on legs and back) and totally confusing store layout. I think it is rearrange it weekly. Teed off with my local today - they overcharged me $7.37 for fabric. Ms. Dumb and Ms. Body- Tattooed Dumber attendants. Help/clerks are very scarce anymore too. They have reduced floor clerks by 85%.