Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Upadted...Shoot....brain fried

Ok, today was a bust all the way around. Before I went off to meet up with Barney at the golf ball swak'n place, I like to puke my guts clean out. Boy howdy was I a sick puppy. Alka seltzer fix that right up for a little while.

We swak up a few golf balls, nuttin spectacular to mention here. Then I fall slap apart. Ball go over there an' hit a tree. Ya don't suppose to hit trees ya know. It only got worse. I quit keep'n score, an' then I just quit.

We go to eat some Mexican food. Well that don't work out too well neither. I'm sick again. Need to go home to "da house" an' sleep it off. Take me a Alka Seltzer first. Holy cows, today sucks.
Ok, so I hurt this morn'n from crawl'n up under "da house" trace'n out them blamed wires. Find out where they go an' what they for. An' I ain't done yet. Ya see, it's important to know how stuff works an' the only way to do that is "crawl up under da house". So for now, we are done with all this stuff until I install the new charge controller.

"I don't know". I say that quite often when I try to figger out something. That's when I grab me up some tools an' take stuff apart. I don't call up no certified professional fix it guy or nuttin like that. All they gonna do is "grab up some tools an' take stuff apart". Then charge me a hunnert dollar a hour.  

Whoa boy howdy....I cain't hit a golf ball worth a poop this morn'n. Went out there in the yard an' tee me up two balls. Swak the hell out 'em. Take me a big ol' macho swing.....BABAAAAM!!! One went over there, almost hit the neighbors house an' the other one went over there, bounce off a fence post. Ya haaa!!!....I'm ready for a round of golf ball swak'n.


  1. I agree with you about doing it yourself. Last time I took a vehicle to a garage was in 1971, a new car on warranty, they told they couldn't find anything wrong, I took it home, took off the air cleaner and saw the problem instantly, excellerator pump linkage was not hooked. I've replaced u-joints in parking lots, water pump in parking lot, clutch on 3/4 ton 4X4 in parking lot, engine in Class A in brother's yard and never thought about "professionals".
    Keep plugging away, the fix will come.

  2. My Father-in-law (rest is soul) always said that I was very dangerous when I picked up tools. Gee, I wonder what he meant by that? (grin)

  3. You were working on the do-hickey when you probably should have worked on the thinga-ma-bob?

  4. Mechanic friend of ours says no problem, just nuts and bolts and a few wires can fix anything.

  5. I hope you are feeling better today! Wonder what happened to your golf swing?