Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blue shirts an' blind dates

Kee kee kee......I don't do dishes an' shit like that. Well I do, just not yesterday. Probly ain't gonna today neither. With four clean forks in the drawer, there ain't no real reason to wet my hands with dishwater. That's the way I look at it anyhows.

I got me a new shirt one time. It were a beautiful shirt to me 'cause I never get no new shirts. It was dur'n the hard times, bout 1954....somewheres around there. This shirt as I recall, was a beautiful dark blue, my fav color an' had some kind of flowers all over it. Hell, I don't know....it could have been watermelons or animal critters. That don't matter. What matters is that it was a brand new shirt an' I was gonna wear it to school. I stick out like a sore thumb in that bright blue shirt.

This guy, he start mak'n fun of my shirt. He call it a girlie shirt..call me a sissy, or something like that. Hell, I don't know....maybe he don't like blue. So's I jist up an' punch him. I did stuff like that was I was grow'n up dur'n the hard times. Damn!!!....he punch me right back. One solid blow on the end of my nose. Like a faucet turn on, I got blood run out my nose....all over my brand new beautiful blue shirt....with flowers, watermelons or critters all over it....hell, I don't know. Now I'm gonna get a whoop'n for sure when I get home. Me an' this guy runs to the restroom. We stop my bleed'n nose first off. Then we wash that shirt like two Chinese washerwimmins. Make it brand spank'n new look'n again. We was best friends after all was said an' done, but to this day, I don't remember his name. I learnt me a good lesson that day....."don't wear a bright blue shirt to a fist fight".

Anyhows, it's still cold outside. Upper 40's if'n ya got to know. To me, that's cold, an' I ain't go'n outside for nuttin. "Ya could do the dishes Billy Bob...do some housework". Well yeah I rekon I could. If'n I was want'n to....but that ain't likely to happen. But then.....just maybe.

I went on a blind date one time...referring to a comment MsB made followed up by another by Shadowmoss...."what you talk'n bout fire Shadow". Anyhows, I arrive to pick up my blind date right on time. An' then I wait 30 minutes for her to get ready. Sit'n in the same room with her parents, a bull dog steel worker daddy an' a "I got my eye on you" mama kind of make me all sweaty an' nervous. We goes to a nice eat'n place an' get a winder booth, order some eats an' start ask'n questions....that's what "blind date" strangers do ya know. She's kind of pretty, somewhat on the trim side, polite....sits up straight, stuff like that. But that laugh an' her voice....let me tell ya. She talk like Minnie Mouse an' laugh like a walrus. An' then she "snort" like a hog ready for butcher. I'm try'n to keep a straight face ever time she go in her snort routine, but lose it before our food gets there. She gets pissed off an' tell me she's gonna tell her daddy. Out the door she go.....never to be seen or heard from again. Damn she scare hell out me.    


  1. I bet there is plenty of space for YOU to go play golf at the golf course today.

  2. Sounds like some almost great memories you diggin up there.
    Thats what happens when you stay in the house all day.
    Maybe do some dishes to keep busy.
    OFM Barney wants to take you golf'n better bundle up!

  3. I dated a few girls that had fathers like that! Pretty scary stuff! Now you got my memory bank working!

  4. How about 32 for the high today? 18 tonight - again. Now that is cold, too cold for me to be out fixing two flat tires but I did. Thought I'd die! Wish I was down near the equator right now. I hate cold, except for my tea.

  5. We got two stories for the price of one :)

    What you talking about Billy Bob...I plead the fifth...jajajaja

    P.S. No luck on the obituaries today, darn it!

  6. I remember those hard times in the late 40s and early 50s. Haden Mill sold flour by the sack, which came in pretty printed cambric material. On the sack it had the motto: "Eat the flour, wear the sack. If not satisfied, your money back."
    I wore a lot of those sacks during those years. Never had a fight because of wearing one. It might have been that everyone was wearing flour sack shirts I'm not sure.

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