Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nuttin but work for the old Billy Bob

MAN!!!! When people say they don't want to hear about golf, they don't want to hear nuttin bout golf.

Is it OK if'n I mention "batteries"?
I hook up that 40 amp charger to the house batteries. Turn it on an' "let 'er eat" for 3 hours. We put'n some serious amps in them batteries. By 6pm, it was darker 'an hell outside. I turn the charger off....gonna test the voltage drop until bed time....midnight (12.40 volts with some lights turn on).
In the mean time, I goes outside and check the battery cells using a hydrometer. Don't ask me to explain what a hydrometer is or how to use one, that's technical stuff.....but it's the only "correct" method of checking battery condition. Voltage readings are meaningless....kind of sorta. But we ain't go'n into that neither. I got a hydrometer reading of 1252 to 1255.

I runs inside an' do a Google search on "specific gravity" of batteries. I'm sit'n right on 85 to 88% full charged. This is good news.

Today I will fully charge the batteries, while at the same time do'n further tests on the charge controller and locating voltage drops. Fun huh? This mornings hydrometer reading is 1252....again very good news.

 There ain't no sunshine today. But the temp is way up there in the mid 80's (85). Another front is gonna blow through here tomorrow, but I ain't skeered of nuttin. Let 'er blow. Note to self....tie down the awning.


  1. The batteries sound they are good, could be the charge controller.
    Remember tie down the awning, and if it gets too windy like 25-30mph here, roll er up, we had to do that this morning.

    1. Howdy George. I'm sure hope'n that the batteries are good for another 5 or 10 years. Have yet to check individual cells. That's what counts.
      The charge controller test is next on the agenda. Now where the hell did I put my ammeter thingy?

  2. Percentage of Charge Specific Gravity Corrected to
    80o F

    100 1.277
    90 1.258
    80 1.238
    70 1.217
    60 1.195
    50 1.172
    40 1.148
    30 1.124
    20 1.098
    10 1.073

    1. Thanks Barney....them are the same readings I got. I'm think'n I never got under 80%. Dad gum voltage readings don't mean nuttin when ya got a load.

    2. With my AGM batts I cannot check the specific gravity so I have to rely on voltage readings when I am not using much power to give me a hint of batt "fullness". Specific Gravity is the best way in my opinion.

  3. Ahh Billy Bob I like hearing about your golf outings, was thinking of trying that golf thing but went with Fly Fishing instead. Only took part of my right earlobe twice now getting better I guess.

  4. Howdy #1 BB,
    I was told to 'break-up' my house-battery bank and only charge ONE AT A TIME, ON A SLOW CHARGE... Sounds like 40amps is a lot to throw at the plates at one time.. I know you can CRANK at 40amps, but didn't know you could CHARGE at that rate..... Please, explain on the blog..
    Hope you & Sadie Mae have a HAPPY DAY !!! butterbean

    1. Never heard of such, it would have been fun watching you do it however. That might have been the 'reason' behind the suggestion.

    2. "splain yerself ED....ya ain't never hear of what?