Monday, November 11, 2013

Click like if you love Del Rio

Well. here goes nuttin....that's exactly what I got, nuttin. I can't even think of a funny story to write about.

So what's it about Del Rio, Texas that brings Billy Bob back time after time? Is it the fish'n? Well yeah, the fish'n is part of it. But this is the first year the fish'n sucked. I been here for 20 days an' all I catch was a couple three measly little fish. An I spend bout a hunnert dollars to do that. I sure do like my new fish'n reel though.....$75 for that sucker an' it ain't catch a fish yet.  Dad gum new fangled hi dollar reel aughter catch at least one fish. "Who's the sucker now Billy Bob"?

Right down the road a piece is my favorite shop'n place...Walmart. There's bout a hunnert eat 'em up places. One in particular, the Mexican restaurant where me an' OFM Barney eat at. Ya want cheap gasoline? Del Rio got it. Big ol' shop'n center an' a Home Depot.

Did I mention, half the wimmins in Del Rio are slim an' trim? Not that I'm shop'n for a slim an' trim lady or nuttin like that. Men just happen to notice stuff like that. 

I don't "walk", so that's not a reason I come to Del Rio. I would much rather sit back on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' watch'n "other" people walk. Like the lady with the two dogs what come through the campground ever day. I want that little dog.
You can ride a bike to Del Rio if'n ya want to. I just ride around the campground. Ain't no way this old fart is gonna attempt to ride into town an' back....bout 15 mile round trip. I leave that kind of nonsense up to you young kids. At my age, I'm do'n good just to make it around the campground one time....bout half a mile....give or take. 

I like the hell out of the campground I stay at, San Pedro. But that road....holy cows, it's a mess. Big ol' rocks an' stuff in the road. Road maintenance crew don't know nuttin bout fix'n roads. At $2 a day, I could stay here for months. But even at $2 a day, I ain't stay'n here an' freez'n half to death. That's the reason I left last year....it was get'n too cold for the old Billy Bob to be comfortable. But shoot, anywheres ya go in winter, ya gonna have uncomfortable days. Blue northers, wind, rain....stuff like that. "Don't mess with "mama nature" Billy Bob, she'll beat yer ass with a hickory stik".

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sit out there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' think'n. Swak me some golf balls. Ride the "billy bike". Ya cain't beat that with a stik. Not cold last night neither....58 degs. BUT.....today sucks. Ain't the first ray of sunshine....anywheres. It's chilly out there. Enough wind to make yer bones ache. An' I got work to do out there. Break camp an' hook up "that jeep" for tomorrows departure. Sadie Mae says...."yeah, go ride".

Will I ever come back to Del Rio? You betcha I will. I like Del Rio. Maybe next time I'll come a little earlier so's I don't freeze my yang off. I'm think'n October with plans to leave the first part of November.

That's it for one day....I got things to do. 



  1. Good luck travelling tomorrow supposed to be rainy and windy there.

  2. Daddy, it's me!!!! haven't been at the computer for couple of days. trying to get back to a regular schedule. working nights suck!!!!. Read all the blogs from last Wed. catch'n up ya' know. Will be leaving Jax, Fl . Thur. heading home. I'm tried of the road. I love Home... enough of that...
    Have or do you know that windows 8.1 has came out? suppose to be between window 7 and 8. check it out. I know what your thinking " It's not windows" " It's dad gumm Verizon" . LOL...
    Sorry about your fishing thingy not working out, the golf course that sucked, and the weather, Hey, this could be a song one day. Hee. Well be careful traveling. love and miss you.

  3. Replies
    1. Don't be sad little girl.....you know you are the reason I come to Del Rio. That an' to see "dad's" old car.
      I do apologize for leaving you out of today's post. It was unintentional.

    2. OH....and thanks for come'n by for a nice long visit this afternoon. "Dad's" car looks wonderful....hee hee hee.

    3. 'Ol BB didn't leave you out Ms Belinda he just didn't mention you by name. He did say "Did I mention, half the wimmins in Del Rio are slim an' trim?"

  4. I have always been told Del Rio was nice and warm so much for telling the truth..We have rain and crappy weather all year thru about 200 plus days, it is the pacific northwest for God's Sake, we do have green grass and moss too, the fish bite here, salmon and all kinds of delish fish..oysters, clams and dugeness crab, delights to the tummy, one can go to Oyster farms and get oysters and see how they raise them and eat them and get full, the crab is a little trickier but the best of all worlds here the Dungeness, the mussels are tasty too, if one enjoys real fish and seafood it is here, of course it rains all the time and depressed the hell out of people, but it just comes with the territory...lived in Colorado loved it but it is crowded with many violent soon to be felons and mental cases trying to get out of the many for profit prisons, Texas around Austin we are told is the nicest place to live, our only is thinking of moving permanently to Austin, good jobs and hot all year long, well humid and hot, but lovely place and jobs and great people..I love your blog, read it each and every morning, take care of your doggie and enjoy some warm weather, happy turkey day, it is the start of Hanukkah too, 2 holidays on one day, ciao

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