Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dag gum cold weather

Yeee haw.....the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour an' it's cold out there. That was yesterday when me an' Barney had plans to go swak some golf'n balls. We didn't go due to the extreme weather conditions. Possibility of today.....if'n it warms up to bout 70 degs an' some sunshine come out. Slim chance on the sunshine.

But we did go eat some mighty fine Mexican food. Barny tastes the green salsa. He says..."man, that's hot". I tastes me up some that green salsa. I says to the nice waitress lady..."bring me some ice water". Barney was right, that stuff was hot.....as he giggles while tears are run'n down my face. As usual, the food was perfect an' we both ate more than we should have.....we gonna get fat eat'n like this.

Back at "da house", I cain't get my mine off them dad gum batteries. Sorry ladies, but men think bout batteries an' stuff like that. Barney brings me over a hydrometer......Oh, I forgot, Barney lives right across the street from me now. We neighbors again. Anyhows, I stick that hydrometer in them batteries. Hot dog, all the cell readings are the same. That means either ALL of the cells are bad, or none of 'em are bad. But that still don't mean the batteries didn't die when I run 'em slap out of water. Ok ladies, we done with technical stuff....for now.

Was a bit chilly last night. Ain't talk'n into the 30's or nuttin like that, but I lost a blanket last night. I wake up at 6am, it's dark outside,,,, an' I got little goose bumps,,, an' my feet is cold......got to pee too. Took care of all that an' sleep till 8am. It's 50 degs.

 I 'member one time, me an' first mate Vickie Lynn go to Big Bend National Park. That's in Texas ya know. How was I to know it was winter in Big Bend, I was in shorts an' a tee. We got a sheet on the bed. One sheet, a damn rat terrier dog an' Webster the cat. Blankets are stored in a compartment under "Alice". It weren't even midnight yet an' it was get'n some kind of cold. The furnace done run the house battery slap dead by 2am. Ain't got no heat. It's frick'n 14 degs outside...."Vickie Lynn, go get some blankets". Be'n we from a area where it seldom get's under 40 degs at night, we had nuttin but two "skinny" blankets. Not designed for sub-arctic temperatures. My god, we like to froze slap to death for the next 3 nights. I don't do cold no more.

Ok, that's all the excitement I can muster up for one day. Stay tuned for more excit'n stories.


  1. I'm not fond of the cold weather either! Good time to have a couple of bunkmates!

  2. I love it when you talk technical, although I don't have a clue what you're talking about!

    1. Billy Bob, I laughingly say "ditto" to Gypsy's thoughts. I delight in reading and learning from you. One day we female readers too may grasp this technical stuff you write about. btw, would you know what a gizmo is? ;)

    2. BB, isn't a gizmo the same as a thingamabob?

  3. Howdy #1 BB,
    Was VL talkin' the whole time or were her jaws flappin' from the cold??? It even SNOWS in the BIG BEND !!!
    Ice-water don't do nuthin' but spread the 'fire' around, BB, put some greasy food in your mouth and that'll 'slow' down the burn...
    Joyce went to get a warsher & dryer oncst and the guy had a golf-cart for sale too, also, 'just needed batteries'... YEAH RIGHT !!! I didn't know nuthin' 'bout no golf-cart batteries, so she offered him $25 for it and we loaded it on the trailer, 16' flat-bed, with the W&D and come home..
    Left it on the trailer... I called around for g-c batts and almost fainted at the prices, over $500 !!!
    That was IMPOSSIBLE, but one guy had a 'used' set 'almost' new for $350 and would put'em in for me... Okay better deal !!! We drove the 100 miles($4 gas) and LEFT the g-c, so, he could do the work, because the mechanic wasn't there that day, another 200 mile round-trip($4 gas)... When we get back, the mechanic, nice feller, says the charger may NOT work, but to take it and if'n it don't BRING IT BACK... When we got to the ranch, I was backin' it off'n the trailer AND JOYCE WALKED RIGHT BEHIND ME AND I 'FLATTENED' HER !!! Knocked her down and ran the lenghth of her, but she so little it didn't do nuthin' but skin her shin; SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME, THO !!! Anyway, we drove the thing around for 2-3 years and the steering-wheel mechanism BROKE... Joyce hired a guy to work on the barn and he said he could fix it and did... Now, it had set for a couple of years and those USED BATTERIES had DRIED PLUMB OUT, but I got some 'distilled' water and filled'em up, hooked that, MAYBE DON'T WORK battery-charger up and in about three days THEY WAS CHARGED-UP !!! Now we just drive it around and hook it up when we get through...
    I don't think you need to worry about your batteries.... Mine are TROJANS, 4-BIG SUCKERS ...

  4. Was 28 degrees here wednesday night, but we toasty warm inside, big heavy blanket and Mr' Heater when we need it. Daytime nice sunshine, blue skies, no wind and almost hot.
    Good luck with your batteries. Looks like a new controller is on your shopping list.