Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Waves break'n over the bow....we sail'n

So where did I leave off yesterday. As I recall, I had mentioned rain. I don't drive at night, nor do I drive in rain. That would be absolutely silly to do so.

Anyhows, I pulled out of San Pedro campground at 9:30 am, with expectations of out runn'n any rain. I did that....the roads were dry. I was hit'n bout a hunnert mile a hour headed east. All was fine. Until I plowed into a wind storm. I swear, 30 foots waves (30+mph wind) was break'n over the bow. The seas were rough...."Sally's" course changed with every break'n wave (wind gust). An' I still had 200 miles to go.

This went on for the next close to hunnert miles. We changed course to the south east. The winds are on the fore port quarter....for the next 60 miles. I grip'n on to that steer wheel, ain't gonna never let it go. Knuckles are turn'n blue. We almost there....only a hunnert mile to go.

As we turned south on I-37, the winds....still blown'n a hunnert mile a hour is behind us.....kind of sorta. Rear quarter. We fly'n...go right past the What'sit rest area...."gonna make it home tonight". Made a quick stop at the new to me Love's truck stop. "Sally" be need'n some more go juice. Note: Did not fill up in Del Rio....jist got a little bit (33 gallon).

Since we are on the subject of gas mileage, I know pretty close to "exactly" how far I can travel on 33 gallon of gasoline. For those of ya that either don't care how far you can go, or don't want to know, you gonna be call'n your emergency road service to bring you some fuel. On the other side of the coin, gas mileage is a darn good indication when something is wrong. As is in my case. My gas mileage has fallen to 8.2 mile a gallon from 9.8 in the last 9 years. My god, Sadie Mae an' "Sally" are the same age. Maybe they was born on the same day.

Ok, where was we. Oh yeah, we go'n a hunnert mile a hour headed south on I-37...destination Sinton, Texas. I pulls up in the road outside El Rancho Abraham, the damn gates are closed. There's two cars right where I gonna pull in. That damn goat comes run'n to see who it is. By 5:30, "that jeep" is unhooked an' "Sally da house" is sit'n in her berth....fresh coffee is brew'n. Electric an' water is hooked up. I'm camp'n.

Accord'n to my Walmart special thermometer thingy, it got down to 40 degs. last night. Brrrrrrr....that's cold. But, you think that bother the old Billy Bob? I was all wrap up in 20 pounds of blankets, didn't know nuttin bout no cold. Got up to the first light I see since yesterday at 9:30. Whoa boy howdy was I sleep'n good. No plans have been made for the day....due to the extreme cold an' 6 mile a hour winds. Hee hee hee, don't ya just love winter temps?

I'm think'n maybe tomorrow will be a good day to go swak some golf'n balls. Maybe eat up some great Mexican food at the "fart palace".....that what Barney calls it anyhows. You remember me eat'n there an' get'n stomach rumbles....right? Just a thought....think it over.

Ok, I got things to do. See ya tomorrow.


  1. Glad ya made it all safe and sound! Strong wind makes for tricky traveling, even in a car!

  2. BB #1,

    IT WAS ONLY BLOWIN' 28 MPH !!! NOT NO 100MPH !!!

    butterbean carpenter

    1. It was blow'n 28 mile a hour at your house. It were blow'n a hunnert mile a hour at my house.

  3. Glad to see your at your winter spot. Now rest up so you can hunt up some good farm tanks to go fishing in, you know those tanks are the best place to fish. Go down to the local bait shop and hang around and talk to so old farts and they will tell you where to fish, may even invite you to go with them.

    1. Hi ya River. I'm still 200 miles from my winter spot. El Rancho Abraham is just a stop'n off place.....get some stuff done...play some golf, do some salt water fish'n an' eat up a whole bunch of Tex-Mex Mexican food. Ain't no farm tanks to fish in, this is cotton country ya know. The gulf of Mexico is 35-45 minutes away.
      I'm think'n I might be older than some them old farts.

  4. I agree with you about MPG and how wind, speed and mechanical problems affect it. I've driven cross country a few times with no fuel gauge and didn't run out of gas.
    I wonder if peole that aren't concerned about MPG check their tires for wear as an indicator of wheel alignment and balance.
    To me, any input that can help identify problems can save one money, knowing MPG doesn't increase of decrease the cost of travel except making one aware that there might be something mechanically wrong that could save money if corrected.

  5. At least you made it with them hunnert mile an hour winds.
    Sit back relax a for a bit, enjoy your electric and water and that Tex Mex food ya love.