Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half down and half to go

Hey....lookie here....someone done used up half my year. Can you believe that this year is half gone? Some where it seems like I missed something in the last six months. But....let me check the old memory cells. Jan. and Feb. I was in southern Ca. and Yuma, Az., boondocking, enjoying warn weather, having camp fires, and catch'n a freezer full of Rainbow trout. Then in April, I was off to Texas for two months. Now I'm back in Deming, play'n golf and buy'n old junk Jeeps.

Oh, did someone mention Jeep? This morning I took the Jeep to another automotive repair facility for another estimate to replace the worn slap out ball joints. Hmmmm, how can this place be $400 cheaper than the other place? Does this mean I saved another $400??? Looks like next week I will be driving a Jeep that will go straight and not vibrate.

And on top of that, I crawled under the Jeep with grease gun in hand and went to work greasing those ridiculous long arm suspension thingys, anything else that looked like it needed greasing. That rattle noise is much better now, but I think the damage was done by previous owner. My only alternative is to replace then @ $350 each or weld the adjustment ends solid as a rock. This is a $1399.00 suspension kit, according to the manufacturers web site. Plus someone had to have this junk installed. What the hell was I thinking????

Went back to town this after noon to pick up parts for the solar oven. Come back two hours later with only one part...a piece of glass. Deming has nothing!!! Lumber yard didn't have any 1/4" plywood. Air conditioning place didn't have any duct board. LOL....wonder if the paint selling place has any flat black paint.

Gonna have laughed overs for dinner tonight. Took a big "chunk of chicken" out and defrosted for the grill along with an ear of corn to roast, but then I remembered I have left overs to get rid of.

That my friends, was all I did today, although I was all geared up to make something (solar oven).

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