Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Energetic Wednesday

I got a think'n last night, what I do quite often, that some changes need be done on this blog thingy.
Don't know what changes to make, but I find it rather boring as is. Guess that would mean I'm have a classic "old age" boring life.

Stretched them old bones this morning till I got a big ole cramp in my right leg what got me out of bed in a flash....like lightning done struck. It was 5:30am, so decided no use in going back for more of the same. Don't remember what this morning looked like, but it sure was on the cool side, what is great for a round of golf.

Didn't get my morning porch time 'cause I was "slow mov'n". By the time I got my other "sandshoe" on, here come old pesky neighbor Wayne say'n "ya ready"??? There was a tournament scheduled for 9am, but we tee'd off at 7:15 way ahead of them. Rain come pour'n down with only three holes to play, but suffered it out to the end. Today we hit only irons what made the game more interesting. Didn't help the scores though.

Back home by 10:30 to clear skys and not a drop of rain at my place. Made me up the biggest bacon, egg, mater sandwich ya ever seen. (6 pieces thick sliced bacon, two "giant" size eggs and half a mater) Poor Lug Nut and Sadie just sit there drool'n whiles I ate the whole thing.

OH......I got a mater puppy on the mater plant. Soon as it stops raining, I'll go out and take a pic. I'm so 'cited I could pee. Ya don't rekon it will grow into an adult, do ya???

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......me and Vickie Lynn, an old girlfriend....well not really old, she were 38 at the time.....decided to take a short cut highway cross New Mexico from Carlsbad to Las Cruces up over the Sacramento Mountains. We climbed and we climbed for the next 90 or 100 miles until we come to this little town called Cloudcroft. Well, "Alice", my old motor home, was thirsty, so I pulled in to "fill'r up".
I jumped out, wear'n shorts, tee shirt, sandals and a big black 'Stetson'.
(pic to show "that big black" Stetson)

First thing I noticed was "Holy Cow, it's cold" and big ole mounds of snow all over the place. It were 90 degs. just 2 hours ago and now it's freez'n cold. Well shoot, we was at over 9,000 feet. We spent the next two hours playing in the snow and fall'n on our butts before head'n down the others side back to 90 degs. Vickie kept say'n, "slow this big SOB down", an I kept say'n, "I can't, we go'n downhill". Arrived safely at Las Cruces after a shot stop at the reknowned "White Sands National Monument".

Boy Howdy did old Billy Bob get some energy this evening. Built a corner shelf for the porch, put all my tools in their place, cleaned and hosed down the porch, raked part of the yard, built a big pile of "stuff" to go to the dumpster......all before 8:30pm. Eat'em up a couple peanut butter/jelly samiches and a quart of milk.
I'm done....out of here....good night.


  1. BB,, I know exactly what you mean about the look of your blog. I keep thinking mine needs some work, but can't figer out what?
    Glad to see your mater didn't die off plumb!!

    That older picture of you? Sure looks like someone I should know or have known. Someday I will sit down with ya and figer it out.

  2. LOL Ben, I wasn't talk'n bout the "looks" of my blog, I was talk'n bout the content. Although, I would like to have some kind of options to change a few things....like the width of the posts section...make it wider. May try a different format and see what happens.

    If I get back that way, Texas, in the near future, I'll stop by and visit for a week or two. Show ya what it's like to live full time in a motor home. For me, being a loner, I wouldn't have it any other way. Come and go any time I want and take my troubles with me.