Friday, July 17, 2009

Old Farts Golf Tournament

Rolled these old bones out of bed a bit late this morning, but still in time for my first two cups of coffee and "that other eye" to open.

Didn't sleep worth a dern last night think'n if I win this golf tournament today, I'm gonna die. Teed off at 9:15 and holy cow, I'm gonna live. There ain't no body hits an 8 on a par 5. Throw'n this game is gonna be easy. At 6,000 feet, them golf balls just float all over the place....run into trees, out in the weeds, in a creek....yep, altitude does make a difference. Where was your camera Billy Bob???

By the time we got back at 2:30pm, it was way to late to do anything other than a long nap. What I did. Ate me up a big ole chunk that Marie Callenders apple pie and laid my head on a pillow....lights out.

When I waked up, it was time to start think'n supper. Big pork steak, sum taters, can maters, can green beans and the usual spices. All in one pan.

Yum boy howdy!!!!

Ain't a thing on the tv tonight, but then there never is on any night. So's I guess I'll be eat'n supper on the porch and sit'n out there "think'n"....what I do quite often.


  1. That skillet of stuff looks better than my dinner.Is that white chucks in it taters? Wish I Had eaten with you tonite. :-) Good on the golf game,, someday guess I should try it again someday. The three rounds I have played in my life may not have been enough.

  2. Ok..maybe I'm slow but did you throw the game or did you win? I just read yesterday's post where you think you will die if you won today.

    Your dinner looks delicious.

  3. Ben, yeah, them white chunks be taters. Came out very good and have enough left for two days...LOL.
    At your age Ben, golf would be a perfect activity to acquire. Fresh air, clears your head of daily downfalls, exercise, and an opportunity to "hit" something. And, you get to verbally abuse the ball.

  4. MsB, I had no problem at all "throw'n" the game. My ball went everywhere except where I was aim'n. Terrible game, but much fun.
    Dinner was delicious!!!
    Good to see ya back.

  5. Well considering that out there in N.M. they grow some of the hottest peppers known to exist. I was just wondering what do you mean by the usual spices?

  6. Bob, these NM. grown peppers are by no means "some of the hottest peppers known to exist". I call them sissy jalapeƱos. But roasted on the grill, NM. peppers are excellent.

    The usual spices (for this concoction) were a gob of garlic, celery flakes, a big pinch of Italian seasoning, lots of black pepper and enough salt to taste it.