Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sore Sunday

Boy Howdy, were I sore this morning. I had hurt'ns on top of hurt'ns. Even my hair hurt.
I rekon lay'n on a pile of rocks, old 2x4's, cactus and railroad ties was the wrong location to work on "that jeep". Ha Ha Ha, I'm jis mess'n wit ya. But, there was rocks, bout golf ball size. I know I'm get'n old, but am I get'n "that" old?

Just to loosen up the old bones, we went off to the golf course to swak a few balls. By the time I got home, I was think'n I should have stayed home instead of swak'n golf balls. My God, I don't feel good....lol.

Got an email for one my followers what said he couldn't reach my blog from his 'favorites' list. I rekon I should have left well enough alone by trying to change this thing.
Our buddy and leader, "what's his name" said, "we need change". Ha Ha, change "this"!!!!
Notice to all followers: If ya get to my blog, leave me a comment and re-bookmark.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....
I was work'n for the University of Texas at Port Aransas, Tx. and we got us a brand new supervisor feller what the first thing he said was, "we need change". He told me one time whiles I was laid back, "Billy Bob, what are you doing"?? I told him....."nuttin is broke, so's I'm do'n nuttin". Then he made a stupid statement...."if it ain't broke, go fix it". HUH????

Ya wanna see my work bench???

Hee Hee....I'm bad!!!

This is Fraser!!!!


  1. BB, I'm reaching your blog fine ( when you update it that is!! , and as per your request,,here is your note!! About your being sore. Hell to get old and outa shape ain't it ? I know the feeling quite often when I try something I used to do all the time.

  2. Uncle Ben, what ya mean when I update it??? If I don't post, does that mean my blog is gone??? Now ya got me all confused....lol.

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