Friday, July 3, 2009

stuck in the desert

Let me tell ya what it's like when ya live in the desert and have no job. By living in the desert, what I mean is, parking the motor home at a cheap RV park in anticipation of only being here for a short time. That's what ya do when ya live in an RV. But sometimes, it don't work that way and you end up "living" in some God awful place you only intended to visit for a short spell. Don't get me wrong now. The desert is a wonderful place to live....for some. For all the others, God invented forests, plains, grasslands and big cities.

Now, what you talk'n bout "no job"??? With the unemployment rate at 9.5% and rising, get'n a job is the least of my concerns. What I'm think'n is, after ya work for 40 plus years, pay'n taxes and contributing to the social security fund, there comes a time ya can sit back and reap what ya sowed. If'n ya think about it, you do "have" a job. Maybe not like that guy over there, but ya still have to get up every morning...on your terms..., decide what to wear today...on your terms..., do your daily chores...on your terms... and plan your work day....on your terms.
I got to think'n last night....I do that quite often, that if'n I still have another 20 or so years to live, I need to do something really exciting and adventurous. I done built one of them high speed three wheel "sail cars" a few years back, but one "big" tree and "poof" it were gone. These things don't have brakes...ya know!!!!
I did the "gold prospecting" thing a few years back and found bout $700 worth of that yeller stuff, but I can't do that no more. Too much like "work", and ya know, I don't work no more. Now what the hell am I gonna do????

I know.....go to the Country Club and play a round of golf.

Well, golf game was just another "bad" game. Started raining on the second hole, but not enough to deter from swak'n golf balls. It was a fun game.

Made a couple trips to town for "solar oven" parts and groceries. Took two tries to get it right.
After groceries were put up and a fresh pot of coffee to brew, I started laying out lines on a 4X8 piece of 1/4" masonite. An hour later, I had a bunch of pieces that were want'n to be put together.
Outter box is done and wait'n for the inner "oven" box and the glass door and the mirror reflectors and the chicken and the chocolate cake. First test will be "how long to boil water".

That was my day, and I'm proud of it!!!


  1. Well BB you are not really stuck in the desert, you can always go elsewhere.

    You posted a picture of your porch and you said you built it yourself, how did the RV park owners let you do that, as well as letting you fence in your spot? Just wondering.

  2. MsB, this ain't no ordinary RV park. It's a long term park and we can do anything we want....with in reason. My lot is 60' wide and 100' deep.

    When I say "stuck" in the desert, I don't mean that I am stuck here for eternity. I "go elsewhere" a lot, but find being "stuck in the desert" has many advantages over being "stuck somewhere else". LOL, I hope I confused you half as much as I was confused writing this.

  3. I didn't know there were long term RV parks, first I time I hear about them.

    "An hour later, I had a bunch of pieces that were want'n to be put together."

    jajajaja, lordy lordy how I laughed with the above quote. That would of been something that would have happened to me if I had tried my hand at assembling a solar oven.

    God knows I can't even cook on a regular oven much less a solar one, lol.