Monday, July 20, 2009

Me guard dogs

Someone once asked me to post some pics of my "ferocious" guard dogs.
'Sadie Mae' is the little black "blue lipped" dog and that "handsome brute" is none other than 'Lug Nut'.

"Sadie Mae" from Corpus Christi, Tx. in the year 2006.

"Lug Nut" stoled from Douglasville, Ga.in the year 2006

Just look'n at them, you would think they was sister and brother, but truth be known, they ain't.
Sadie Mae, a worthless lap dog, was acquired at the loss of a beautiful pedigree Heinz breed, 'Boudreaux'. Boudreaux left this world in the year 2006 due to a vicious attack of epileptic seizure.

"Boudreaux" the 40,000 mile pedigree "Heinz" dog from Lafayette, La. in the year of 2002. He was the goodest of buddies and is still missed dearly.

All was well at 6:30am as I rose to another beautiful day. A bit on the warm side with an expected high for the day of 100 degs. Sit'n on the porch drink'n my morning coffee, I got to think'n.....what I do quite often. "Ya gotta do something today Billy Bob". And that's exactly what I did.
By 9:30am, I done pulled the reflectors off the solar oven, removed all the broken mirrors and installed the new reflective covering, and put 'er all back together. Gonna be cook'n up a half chicken today with corn on the cob. For dessert, we gonna be eat'n half that blackberry cobbler what I cooked yesterday.

2:30pm: Believe it of not, I were sit'n out there on the porch with my eyes closed, think'n, ya know, when all sudden there appears this "glowing" white pick'um up truck from "Sun Energy Corp.". Out jumps this tall dude with long silver white hair, shiny white suit and flip flops with a cut off notice in his hand. Turned off my solar power just like that with a whole sky full of clouds. Jumped back in his pick'um up truck and he were gone.....pooof....just like that. Then I waked up. Clouds all over the place, wind done blowed my reflectors closed and shut down any cook'n for today. See, dreams do come true.

Spent the last hour and a half with my sew machine mak'n a new seat for a lawn chair. Come out pretty dern good, if I do say so myself. Run out of rivits, so it's off to town to buy more. Need to go pick up my meds anyhows.

Ha, back again. Let me tell ya bout pick'n up simple rivets for a simple rivet gun. Ain't no way, ain't gonna happen....not in Deming it ain't.
Then two hours to pick up prescriptions I dropped off yesterday. Ha, boy howdy does Walmart have it down pat. Yesterday the "boy" (pharmacist tech.) changed my address from what it's been for years to my temporary address in Deming. My insurance company said..."HUH???". Got that straightened out and back in line for 20 minutes. Sheesh!!! I love my Walmart.

Chair finished and it sit'n good.

Now that my nerves are on end and I have nothing to eat for supper, I guess I'll just brew me up a great big ole ham, mater and onion sandwich, kick back and do what I do best....nuttin.

See what I ben tell ya???
Yum, Yum, boy howdy!!!


  1. Thanks for posting pics of the guard dogs. It helps us all to know more about you,, next we need pictures of the Castle you live in. :-)

    Someday I am going to have to come meet you somewhere and get a look around and pick your brain some more about the life living full time on the road.

    Stay well, good luck with the new oven modifications.

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