Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th at Billy Bobs

Wall shoot.... I done missed my post for yesterday, but I didn't miss the day. Since it were the 4th., I slept in till 7am think'n I would do something special and "exciting". Ha, turned out to be just another day, but it weren't wasted by no means. Now for the hard part....what did I do.

Sit'n on the porch....what is allowed in my Rv park, sip'n on a fresh pot of coffee, I got to think'n. "This is the life". Ain't got no job to go to. Play golf any time I want. Take a nap every day. If ya wanna go, ya go. Do dishes when ya run out of forks. Clean house on "my" terms. Yep, life is wonderful.

Here was the start of my July 4th.

......And here was my end.................

Sunday July 5th.....up bright and early for a 7:30 tee time. That is after a pot of coffee and a mug to go. I was swak'n that ball right down the middle of the fareway, for a change. Struck an 88, what ain't too shabby.
Back home by 11am to two very energetic canines....canines are dogs, right? Stumbled through the clutter of tools and junk on the porch from yesterdays construction project. Didn't take long and I was at it again....we gonna be cook'n by solar tomorrow.


  1. Looks pretty good Billy Bob. Looking forward to see how your first meal turns out.

  2. That looks reaaly good, I'm inspired! Looks like even I could have a bash at that.


  3. bravobillybob! hope it cooks as good as it looks...

  4. Billybob, Your Solar Oven looks great. Please let us know how it works.