Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get'n up too early

Sheesh, Billy Bob, ya gonna have to quit play'n golf or something. This get'n up at 5:30 every morning is beginning to suck. Yeah, I went and played golf again.

Dropped the Jeep off at the repair place this morning....before golf. When I called at @2:30pm to check progress, Jack gave me some more bad news. Front brakes were metal to metal and had to turn the rotors....that gonna be another couple hundred. Hmmmm, what about the back?? They gotta be bad too. Picked up Jeep at 5pm and brung'er home. Now what is the alignment gonna cost? I'm gonna have a $6000 Jeep before I get it right....sheesh!!!

Had a spectacular noonrise last night, so I broke out my trusty digital camera. Didn't come out very good, but with my tripod in south Texas, what more ya want?


  1. At 5:30 am I am barely going to bed, lol. Actually last night I went to bed early 12:30 am (early for me).

    It looks like all that money you have been saving this past month is finally being spent...

    Nice pics.

  2. Hi Billy Bob,
    Magee here, from the Slabs and RV Singles groups - and maybe others we both belong to (ending preposition there). This is the first I knew you had a blog. Amusing and even interesting. I think I'm gonna enjoy! Keep on posting about your solar oven, you'll get it perfected one of these days.
    I spent the biggest part of one winter in Deming when I did highway work, several years ago. Went (if I'm remembering names correctly) to Palomas, to a restaurant/bar just across the border and to the left - maybe a block. Good food, cheap drinks and the lady who ran it was a hoot! She lived in New Mex so her kids could go to school in US. No idea whether she was legal or illegal, but an asset to the community.
    Keep on keepin on, Billy Bob!
    Back up - I see this only offers an identity for my Google account, no idea why and I clicked your blog link from a posting you made to Yahoo RV Singles - Oh well, no matter.