Thursday, July 23, 2009

Changing blog format

Well, that didn't work too good. Tried making all kinds of changes and now I have lost all my audience (followers). Don't know where it went or why it went, but I want it back. Lesson learned, never mess with something you know nothing about. Sheesh!!! But I'm gonna keep on mess'n with it.

Had another one of them sleepless nights last night. Ended up rolling out at 5am. Hope this doesn't become a habit, 'cause no-one gets up at 5am....unless "yer go'n fish'n".

Did some more clean up to the porch and made my "stuff" pile a little bigger. Let's face it, old Billy Bob didn't much of anything today. Got lots of porch time drink'n coffe and enjoying a cool breeze out of the south east. 90 degs was tops for the day.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......way back in the early 80's, I was living way up Clark Holler a few miles from Huntington, W.Va. Right across the creek bout 50 yards, lived my X wifes sister, Wilma, and her "hillbilly" husband, Donny. I had done took me a trip to Tennessee to pick me up some big bundles of bottle rockets and "boom" crackers. Found out them bottle rockets was 100% effective for keep'n Bro Wades (another neighbor) guinea chicken thingys an his big ole tom turkey out my yard.
Well, one Sunday morning, Donny was a sit'n on his front porch, what was the same level as my front porch, drink'n coffee and smok'n cigarettes. I didn't have anything pressing to do at the time, so I set one them high powered bottle rockets on the topt rail'n, took careful aim and lit 'er off. SHHHHHHEEEEEEEE......POW. Bro Donny bout jumped out his jammies. Lined me up bout 5 more and lit them off. Poor ole Donny was head'n for safer ground while them rockets were go'n off on his porch. He was holler'n "Uncle Bill, don't be do'n that". I had to go help him put out a little fire he started when he dropped a cigarette in the trash can. To this day, he says I started the fire with my "dynamite" bottle rockets. The boy ain't right.


  1. lol...I love bottle rockets! And West By God Virginia is the best place to get 'em!

  2. Good one you BB,, we used to take them out in the back of our large farm field and have bottle rocket fights with them.. Hold them by the stem, light the fuse and toss it at one brother or the other at the right time. LOL LOL got us all steppin and fetchin!!!