Wednesday, July 15, 2009

rebuild da solar oven

Up to another cool morning (69 deg.) with winds out of the north. Clouds all over the place. But now @9:30am the sun is out and the temp is up to 81 degs. Gonna be another hot one.

About yesterday afternoon. I took the apple pie out right at 1pm fully cooked (Pics posted yesterday). Well, it weren't 15 minutes and the weather changed. High winds out of the west did a number on the solar oven. Blew the reflector doors closed and broke one mirror. Back to the drawing board. Figgered now was a good time to rebuild the oven to shed some of the weight. Went off to town to the discount "stuff" store, Walmart, and bought me some that light weight foam board to replace the heavy masonite. Took that sucker apart and had it all back together last night, paint and all. Looks the same but much lighter. This morning I reinstalled the glass door and reflectors. Put'er out in the sun and cranked up the heat.

Picked me up 3 of them for sale signs to put in "that jeep" as suggested by Uncle Ben. See, I do read the comments section. Sure hate to tell prospective buyers all that is wrong with it.


  1. If They "Don't Ask" Don't Tell" :-)

    sorry bout your oven. I need to build one, just to play with I guess.

  2. Ben, when ya get my age, all kinds of stuff amuses us. The solar over is just a hobby....something to play with, but it sure will come in handy on my next boondocking trip.
    Only broke one 12"x12" mirror, so it's no big deal. The main thing is that the oven now weighs bout half what it did before after I rebuilt it.

  3. Practice makes perfect.

    Hope you sell your Jeep soon.