Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A night with no sleep

Don't figger it's gonna take long to give an account of this days activities.
Went to bed last night just about the same time Mr. Sun went to bed...right at 8:30 or so. Only 'cause!!! I missed my nap yesterday afternoon and old Billy Bob just don't do that. By 12:30 I was wide awake and think'n. Yeah, I know. Then again at 2:30am think'n "ya may as well get up". What I didn't. But by the time 5:30 rolled around, I jumped up, both feet scoot'n to the coffee pot....ha ha...bet ya though I was gonna say "go pee".

What a beautiful day to go play a round of golf. Nice breeze, a few clouds and only 70 degs. By 9am, I was sweat'n, not a cloud in the sky and not a puff of air. Don't ya just love this desert weather. Ya never know.

Took the "that jeep" down to the welding and fabrication shop to see about getting some work done on the "off road" suspension. They wouldn't touch it. In this time with the economy like it is, ya would think they would welcome some change in their cash register.

At 12:30pm, I put a half chicken and two ears of corn in the solar oven for my dinner tonight. Wouldn't ya know it, here come the clouds and wind. Highest temp I ever got was 250 degs., what was enough to cook the chicken to the bone and the moistest corn ya ever ate. All in three hours with cloud cover.

Oh yeah, I forgot to told ya. I ate half that blackberry cobbler last night and the other half this afternoon. Got to learn me some tricks bout that crust though. Didn't raise at all and the bottom was like a piece of plywood. Old pesky neighbor Wayne, suggested I try Bisquick with some sugar for a pie dough. What do I have to lose???

Boy Howdy, would ya look at that rain? This ain't supposed to be here till tomorrow, but here it is. Rained for almost an hour, on and off "big rain" and "little rain". Now the weeds are gonna grow and someone has to spray them or dig them up. Any way ya look at it, rain means work.

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  1. you said to look at the rain,, I would put your location on Google Earth, IF I knew where it was. :-) I "may" need to just drive out and bend your ear about all sorts of things, and ideas some day. Hey my Toyota Hybrid get 50 mpg on highway.