Thursday, July 30, 2009

Look'n for winter @100 degs.

Another beautiful morning in New Mexico. Sure will be glad when some cooler weather makes it's way to the borderland. Was perfect temp at 7am when I hit my first golf ball, but by 8:30, I felt little sweat beads forming on my brow. Humidity way too high for the desert.

Figgered out what to do with that peach cobbler. I know my birds are deserving of dessert after eating corn yesterday night, so guess who gets the cobbler today??? Made me up a big bowl of cereal for breakfast and picked out all them peaches from the cobbler to top it off. Nothing goes to waste when ya lives in the desert.

Speak'n of critters, yesterday morning there was a beautiful coyote walk'n the fence line not more than 100 feet from my house. Wonder if that's where all my rabbits are disappearing off to. On quiet nights, you can hear them 'singing' off in the distance. Very seldom see one during the day. Marvelous creatures.

Got a few things to do outside before it hits that 100 deg mark......

1pm, and hot outside. Didn't get much done, so's I came inside to do some think'n......what I do best when it's cool. Ya know winter is just around the corner and there's lots to do before the first freeze. Like be hundreds of miles from it. Been think'n about going back to the 'slabs' (southern Ca.) again this winter and then to Yuma to catch me some more them rainbow trout. And I been think'n of going to south Texas where winter is only two weeks long. And I been think'n of going to Terlingua, but damn, it gets cold there at night.

Been searching for solar panels for the motorhome. Found some pretty good buys...bout $3.38 a watt. I don't care about their 25 year guarantee, 'cause I ain't gonna live that long anyhows. As long as they last 10 years is all I care bout. Can install complete 260 watt system for less that $1400 by "doing it myself". I done got a 1200 watt generator, a 2500 watt inverter and four 225 amp hour batteries, so I'm good to go.


  1. I used to live where coyotes sometime roamed and found their sounds spooky. First thing I would do upon hearing one wast to make sure the dog was in the house. She would've tried to play with them. LOL

  2. My two dogs think coyotes are just another dog to play with. Keep them inside at night just in case they decide to go off and join the 'singing coyote choir'.