Monday, July 27, 2009

is this another monday

Boy Howdy, where did last week go?

This morning was special for old Billy Bob. Slept in till 7am and never looked back. But I did feel a little guilty that I slept half the morning away.

Went out to the porch to watch what was left of a sunrise and drink up half pot of coffee....get'n that other eye open, ya know. Whiles I was out there, here come pesky neighbor Wayne say'n, "what ya gonna do today"? "I don't know, kill flies I guess".

Did ya know, in the desert, you can cut a limb off'n a desert tree and plant it? In 2 years you will have a 10 foot tree grow'n right where's you planted it. Me and pesky neighbor Wayne planted two little limbs from a Mexican Elder two years ago and we now have trees in our yards. His is bout 10 feet tall and mine is about 5 feet tall. I might mention, ya gots to water and trim them, what I didn't, but Wayne did.

Soon as it got too hot to do anything outside, I went in, turned the t-stat to 75 degs and commenced to break'n out clean'n gear. Whoa....I worked so hard for the next 2 hours that I had to lay down....short nap. Got up and went right back at it. Scrubbed and waxed the hardwood floor in the kitchen. Bagged up all the trash. Cleaned all the burnt dinners from the stove and called it quits for the day. Now I can sit back, drink a cup o' and do what I do best...nuttin.

Took one them frozen bread thingys out the freezer to bake in the solar oven tomorrow. Never used them before, so don't know what I'll have when I finish....hopefully bread. Got beer on my shopping list so's I can try a beer bread recipe I found.

Here come the "monsoon" rains again. Rained twice times yesterday and and now we have a downpour with quarter size hail warnings.

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