Friday, July 31, 2009

Whow boy, was it ever nice this morning....65 degs. Didn't get my morning porch time 'cause I got up too late. Wayne came over at 6:45 say'n..."ya ready"? Yeah, I went and played a practice round this morning. :) If'n it weren't for golf, I would have absolutely "nuttin" to do.

I know everyone is tired of hear'n bout this old solar oven, but I done another test today. Beer bread. I guess you could say I wasted a good cheap can of beer. Oven was work'n just right at 275 to 300 degs., but the damn bread didn't brown. So's I left it in there "overtime"....that's time and a half....double time holidays. It came out look'n sorry. Top was hard as a rock. Skeered to taste it. Put 'er in a plastic bag in hopes it will soften up like the "basketball" bread did.

Found out my little red Bronco II is worth $4500, that is if I buy a brand new vehicle. Added it all up and I'd be in debt for over $15,000, what I ain't gonna do. Anyone wanna buy a 1984 Bronco II for $800??? Or how bout a brand new 1997 Jeep GCL for $4200??? Boy howdy, did I ever get myself into a mess!!!

Backed the Jeep and Bronco up back to back and started toss'n stuff from one to the other. Decided to see if my boondocking generator would crank up......yup...first pull. Got me a good'ern there. Lots of junk in the Bronco to go to the dumpster. I sure toss a lot of $$$$$ in the dumpster. Where I gonna put the spare tire??? On the roof would be somewhat tacky.

Supper time....pork chop, boiled taters with pork gravy, corn on da cob, sliced maters and maybe a slab of that beer bread. Sounds good to me.


  1. Got your mail BB, back in ID for a bit before heading over to WA again, Little more south this time, visit friend in Soap Lake.

    Stay safe!


  2. Yep it's workin' BB:-) Got it and the hint (ha! command is more like it) to visit your blog so here I am...

    Next time you want to try making peach cobbler using bisquick, first, heat up the peach pie filling and add a little cinnamon. Use the "shortcake" recipe on the Bisquick box - which basically means more butter and some sugar added to the dough. Then pour the hot pie filling into the pan and drop spoonsful of dough all over - shoving down into the hot pie filling with a spoon. Should be ready PDQ, even in a solar oven since it only takes 8-10 minutes in a conventional oven:-) The enjoy! Excellent with some 'nilla ice cream:-)

    FT on Safari