Sunday, July 12, 2009

brain cells at work

Beautiful sunrise this morning, shining right in my eyes through the windshield. Sat in the doorway for a bit, with Lug Nut by my side, wait'n for the final "blug blug of the coffee pot. And I got to think'n. Today, I'm gonna do something different. Don't know what it is, but it's gonna be different.
I suppose the first thing I will do is go play a round of golf...."what's so different bout that Billy Bob"??? I should really stay home, with the possibility of doing nothing, but I do that quite often, only to beat myself up later in the day...when it's too late to start something. Why the hell did I retire to this life of leisure and the pursuit of happiness??? Hee hee, I'll tell ya why. I like's it.

Ok, nonsense aside. Let's get serious for a change. LOL right, Billy Bob get serious??? I'm not only losing sleep over this "that jeep", but my nerves are on edge and bout to jump off. I get in that thing, step on the gas and varooooommmmm, 0 to 60 in nothing flat....i like that. Then I pull back in on the dirt driveway and "bang bang clatter clatter rattle rattle bang bang"....I don't like that. Folks, I really don't like my brand new 97' Jeep Grand Cherokee. To me, it's junk with all that "rock crawl'n, off road'n, great big tires" stuff on it. Some guy wants to trade "his" jeep for "my" jeep....straight across. But, "my" jeep is worth 3 times what "his" jeep is worth.
Back later....tee time

Well, that didn't take long. Nice easterly breeze kept me cool as a cucumber. Back to the shack by a little after 10am and got me some porch time. But as I was sit'n out there, I got to think'n. "Billy Bob, ya gotta do something bout this mess". What I did.

Backed the little red Bronco II up and started load'n for the dumpster. Then I went on a "repair" mission to fix the storage compartment on the back of the porch....what got tore up in the high winds of Deming. All fixed and ready to clean out and fill back up with "junk".
I'm a think'n Uncle Ben would be proud of me if'n he seen all the junk I keep. Redneck stuff.

Boy Howdy, it's get'n hot outside. Checked the solar oven....Hmmmmm, only 290 degs. But with the wind, I expect that to be about it. Dern, I want to see 300. Ain't gonna cook nuttin today since I have enough chili spaghetti to last lunch and one more dinner. Oh, by the way, it came out next best thing to perfect. Much better than the dishes I done yesterday...still sit'n on the sink. Don't wanna rush into anything, ya know.


  1. Well Billy Bob it looks like you got a lot done today.

    I have never heard of "chili spaghetti" but I will take your word that it tasted good.

    Have you ever entered any chili cook-offs?

    Don't know what to tell you about your new 97 Jeep but I am sure you will think of something.

  2. Yea BB, Like MsB said, I feel bad about your Jeep.. how bout cut your loses and dump it ASAP? from what you have posted about it, sounds like it has had a hard life at the hands of a kids maybe?