Wednesday, July 29, 2009

building a pie

Started to roll out of bed at 4:30 this morning, but after tak'n a closer look at the clock, I says...."what ya think'n bout Billy Bob"? Up to a fresh pot of coffee on the porch whiles the sun come up. Weren't nuttin special...just another start of another beautiful day. But I guarantee it's gonna be a hot one....predicted 101 this afternoon.

By the time we got back from swak'n golf balls (10am), it was just about time to throw together a peach cobbler. I never built one these things, so don't know what's gonna happen. My pesky neighbor Wayne suggested I use Bisquik for the dough, so's that what I did. Mixed some up and smushed it in the bottom and sides of the pan. Then I poured in a can of peach pie filling and topped it off with globs of more dough.
In about 3 hours I should have something that resembles peach cobbler.

Now I got to go do something. Don't know what, but it's still nice outside.

About 3 hours later, I ended up with the most God awful tast'n peach cobbler I ever ate. Don't, I repeat, don't ever use Bisquik for a cobbler dough. It tasted like breakfast biscuits with dried up peaches. Old pesky Wayne led me astray on his suggestion.
But....with all that said, I had troubles with the solar oven from the word go. The wind started blowing and blowed the reflectors closed three times, making the oven temp to drop dramatically. Then I left it in there too long think'n the bottom wasn't done....wrong!!! Got's to "spearmint" with it some more. By the way....ordered new mirror finish diamond plate reflectors today. Gonna be do'n some serious cook'n in bout a week.

Spent a little time digging weeds and raking the yard. Not much mind you, but just enough to say I did something this afternoon. Then I went and trimmed a mesquite bush in hopes it might some day grow into a tree. Slim chance!! Mesquite bushes are bushes, not trees. Mesquite trees grow in Texas, not New Mexico.

Boy Howdy, let me tell ya bout flies. After two days of rain, them flies have multiplied into a gazillion right here on my porch over night. Got two fly traps and two fly swappers and only make a small dent in the population. Them neighbor horses gotta go.


  1. OK BB,, 6 pm now,,how was the peach pie/cobbler? had to have some Blue Bell vanilla Ice cream with it!!

  2. LOL Ben, go back and read my update.
    It came out terrible. Can't get Texas Blue Bell in New Mexico. Dang it!!!

  3. Well BB,, I didn't see the update last time I looked,, sorry about 1) your failed cobbler ( when you going to quit listening to pesky Wayne? 2) your not getting Blue Bell in NM..

    About those flies you got hanging around, this won't kill them , but take a Ziploc bag and fill it almost full of water, zip it shut and hang it over the sink for example. Won't kill em but will keep em out of that area. outside you can use a Glass jug suspended on something strong enough to hold it. Works even better.. Google it if you don't belive me.