Monday, July 13, 2009

Up just in time to see the sun "peep eying" over the mountains over there. Nice and cool again, 66.9 deg.

....did I ever tell ya bout the time............... back in the early 90's, some us guy fellers from the maintenance shop at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas, Texas decided to enter the annual Port Aransas Chili Cook Off.
Since I had placed the year before with my famous special recipe Hobo Chili, we decided to go all out this year with full dress hobo uniforms (a sight to be seen), a hobo shack and the usual "steal'n stuff". Our cook'n vessel was a brand new 30 gallon garbage can, what we beat the crap out of with hammers and sticks. Stirred the concoction with an old boat oar. After cook'n our Hobo Chili for hours, sampling tequila, drink'n beer and rais'n hell all day, it was "jugin" time. All the judges were about "wasted" on beer and hard stuff, so we figgered the only winning chili would have to be "macho" hot. Hot enough to burn the hair off yer tonge. So...that's what we done. Some "girlie" chili won first place. We placed 2nd place for show.
Recipe for Hobo Chili:
15 pounds 80/20 course ground hamburger
10 pounds 'hot' pork sausage
4-great big cans whole tomatoes hand crushed (bout 3 1/2 gallon)
1/2 gallon chopped jalepenos
6 cups plus 1/4 tspn Gebhearts Chili powder
1/2 cup fine chopped garlic
1/4 cup fresh course crushed black pepper
salt to taste (bout 1/2 cup) or less
3 1/2 gallons water
12 pac beer (for chili)
30 pac beer (for cooks)
Here it is another day gone by, but it wasn't a complete waste. Had insurance transfered from my little red Bronco II to the "that jeep". Had insurance card emailed to me in Deming and printed it out. All legal. Ordered my mail from Port Aransas by way of my forwarding service.
Messed with the solar oven a few minutes ths morning just to see if I can make that 300 deg mark. Nope...290 again. Built a lazy Susan for it to sit on for ease of sun pointing....works like a charm.
Went off to town and did a couple loads of laundry and got back just in time for lunch. Fried me up some shredded cabbage and shredded ham on olive oil pan toasted bread with deli mustard. Bet ya a nickel I be mak'n that again. It was absolutely great. Would'a took a pic, but I were hungry.
Forgot to pick up the "for sale" signs for "that jeep" again. Gonna sell that sucker and forget I ever bought it. Hate to lose money, but I guess it's better than losing my mind. Should be able to get $4500 as is. Lot's of "offroaders" in this area, so I shouldn't have too much problem moving it.
For dinner tonight, I may just make me another one them lunch sandwiches.
Too freak'n hot to cook a roast....102 deg. @5pm.


  1. Woah, that's some recipe...it could feed an army...second place is not bad at all!!

    Hope you find a new owner for your jeep real soon and that you don't loose too much money.

    Your sandwich made me hungry.

  2. Some day I will pass on my real recipe for Chile,,of course every one has one. I have never seen a real chili with canned Jalapenos in it that tasted worth a dang.

    IMHO,, good idea on the Jeep sell it now, get it gone and sleep better at night. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and realize we made a missteak.

  3. ..second place is not bad at all!!
    MsB, wish I could say we won 2nd place in the chili tasting, but it was for "show". hee hee, we was a bunch of drunk "show" offs.

    Ben, what is "real chili"??? My great grand pappy was a rancher, right here in Deming, and they used to make "real" chili on the ranch. Grind and chop New Mexico Chili's, boil them in water with dried tomatoes and onions and what spices were available. One day great grandma accidentally dropped a pan of chopped beef into the boiling chili...that were "chili con carne" got it's start.

  4. Even if it was showmanship, I still think second place is pretty good.

    Ever thought about entering the showmanship competion at the Terlingua chili cook-off?