Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday on a Saturday morning

This thing has got me all worked up....can't get Blogger dot com to do anything I want it to do. Now I'm right back to where I started in the first place and all that time "mess'n" with this thing, was a complete waste.

Yesterday wasn't much different from any other day. Old pesky neighbor Wayne forced me to play a round of golf. It was a such beautiful morning, so I decided to ride along and swak a few balls.

Started me a grocery list (run out of stuff for the solar oven). Lit the solar oven up just to see how hot it would get. 300 degs in bout 1 1/2 hour. Since it were hot, may as well cook something. (Uncle Ben, take note of this dish) Since I love tomatoes so much, throwed a can of dice maters in the bottom of a cook'n bowl. On top that, a can of Ranch style beans with jalepenos. Cut up 3 brats into bite size and chunked them in there too. Steered the whole thing up, plopped on a lid and stuck it in the oven.

This "that jeep" has been bug'n me for the last few days ever since the welding and fab shop refused to take my $$$$$ for a couple hours work. On the internet, I found exactly what I was look'n for....a 12 ton pipe bender.

These "long bar" suspension thingys need to be bent to clear the frame, readjusted and no more rattle rattle bang bang.

Anyhows, I jumped in "that jeep" and headed off to Harbor Freight in Las Cruces bout 60 mile from Billy Bobs house. Now, here's the idea. Bend them pipes, sell the pipe bender for $80 and be done with it. Then put on the ole think cap and lower that sucker back to stock height.

Boy Howdy is it gonna be hot in the desert for the next week, 99 to 101. Gonna be some "in house" chores to catch up on during the day.

Ok, I gotta do something.

That's "vackly" what I done....pulled one them pipes off to bend, but the benders was gonna break if I tried to bend all 4 pipes. Put it back on and went off to a friend and his "torch".

Two hours later, all pipes bent and reinstalled. Ride home was minus all that rattl'n and bang'n noises. Plus, I sold the pipe bender to my friend with the "torch" for half price.

Now what I gonna do??? Took a nice cool shower, drank half a jug of cold water and that couch over there sure looks inviting. Ok, twist my arm......late nap time.


  1. Glad you got rid of the "CLUNK" now still going to git rid of the Jeep?
    Glad you got it done, and good idea on the nap, couldn't hurt huh?

  2. Ben, it were much more than just a "clunk". With the suspension riding on the frame, you can imagine the racket. (I tried to show that in one photo)
    Yep, "that jeep" is still for sale....just adding cost of repairs to the asking price.