Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful morning in the desert

Today I rolled out of bed, both eyes wide open, ready to take on a new day and feeling wonderful from head to foot. Boy, what a switch. A mite warm this morning at 73 degs, so's I rekon we gonna have another hot one by mid day. hee hee...that's nap time under the a/c.

Got all kinds of stuff planned for the morning, but everyone knows how plans go.
*Update: (7am) Old pesky neighbor just came over....he has no power to his 5th wheel. Looks like old Billy Bob gotta go fix it.
*Update: Old pesky neighbor Wayne is lucky to still be alive. Whole passel of burnt wires in the breaker box, but old Billy Bob fix it like new. (one wire caught on fire and burned insulation off 2 more wires)

Now that my morning is almost shot (9:45am), maybe I better rethink my plans. It's already getting hot (89 deg.)....a/c on and little sweat beads forming on my head.

Lug Nut got out last night and went skedaddling after a couple rabbits. He never catches them but he's a hoot to watch. Ya gotta love yer dog!!!

Plan for this morning is to bake that Marie Callenders Apple pie in da solar oven. This is not a test. It's the real thing. Pics later.

Now off to do something..................
All I can say is "whoopty do, yee ha and wow".....take a look at this...300 degs. Is that an apple pie I see in there???

Got the porch almost cleaned off for the water hose, bleach and scrub brush. But it got too hot. Should be cool enough by 10pm, but by them, I'm gonna be in bed.

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  1. You did your good deed for the day by helping out your fellow neighbor. I am sure he appreciated it.

    Congratulations on cooking your apple pie on your new solar oven.