Friday, July 10, 2009

Gonna take me a lesson from Old Uncle Ben and do some writ'n during the day so's I don't fergit what I did. But I must tell ya, I don't write early while's "that other eye" is still closed.

Up a few minutes late this morning....5:45. Plum near missed the sunrise sleep'n in all morning....lol. Arrived at the Country Club right at 7:20 and teed up at 7:30. Swak'ed that golf ball right over that tree out there in the fareway. It gets harder to do that every year. Not 'cause I'm get'n older, but the tree is get'n taller.

Arrived back at the "not ordinary" rv park in time to put a pan of brownies in the "almost finished" solar oven by 10:30. Cranked up "that" Jeep and went to my favorite store, Walmart, for a few supplies. Bought me a big ole Marie Callenders Apple pie and a Mrs. Smiths Blackberry cobbler. Boy Howdy, am I gonna be eat'n some sweet stuff for the next week. Maybe gain some of that 15 pounds back I lost on my last two trips. Can't buy ice cream since I live 15 minutes from town and it would melt, plus, there ain't no room in my little freezer.

Groceries all put up and checked da brownies.
Hmmmm.....that oven mak'n some heat today and the brownies look great. I think they might be done. Tooth pick come out clean'r 'an a whistle.

Time to heat up "laughed overs" for lunch.
Now that lunch and a long nap is over, lets make a close inspection of this brownie cake. Cut'er up into 9 equal size squares with a really sharp knife...the dull one just scratched the super hard surface.....well, not like a rock, but hard. I guess we can call test #5 another failure as the bottom was like chew'n Double Bubble chew gum.
In other words, not done. Someone please tell me "that's the way they supposed to be".

Ok, I know what happened. Old Billy Bob got in a hurry and started cook'n before the oven was hot. Anyone buy that idea??? Or do you suppose I need that heavy metal plate under the pan like the web sites says to do??? I think I need some help here before I put that high dollar apple pie in this contraption.


  1. Hey Billy!! Was thinking of you awhile ago when I nuked me up some popcorn,, you tried making regular ole popcorn in that fancy smacy solar heater of yours?

  2. Yummy looking brownies! Wish I lived nearby...

  3. Shoot Uncle Bob,, I have had mine come out of the gas oven the same way, I was told it was because the oven temp wasn't up to temp when I put them in.. But that's ok,, bet they ate good didn't they?:-)

  4. LOL Ben, I have the solar oven set up for the morning sun and as soon as the temp is up, in goes the brownies...upside down. They either gonna cook or I'm gonna turn them into rocks.

  5. From the picture they looked cooked, would have never known they were not done if you had not mentioned it.

    Don't know what to tell you as I can't cook worth a darn in a regular oven much less a solar one, lol.