Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Loaf of bread

Oh what a beautiful morning it was....till bout 9am. A few little clouds in the sky and not a breath of air. Then it got hot.

Fired up the solar oven to bake that bread I took out the freezer yesterday. Boy howdy, did that sucker rise over night.

After an hour in the oven, this is what a basketball looks like.

Went off to town for my groceries what I was gonna get a few days ago....ain't it great to not be in a hurry?

Come back and this is the bread now.

Cut me off a couple chunks for the ultimate test...is it eatable? Yeah, it is, but not like "mama" used to bake. Could have something to do with the olive oil I put on it.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob. "Oh...I don't know....take a nap maybe"?


  1. May have been the Oilve oil,, personally I would have used butter but that is jut me..

    Bet one of those would make a good open face pile up sandwich thing,

  2. Wow, Solar Oven cooking. Pie making. Bread making. Golfing every day. I am thinking you are some kind of wonderful for even trying. Keep up the great blog.