Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day of rest

Is today Saturday, the day of rest and lay back??? Well anyhows, that what old Billy Bob been do'n all day.

First off this morning I decided I was gonna sleep in "ways" past 7am. Ha, that didn't work either. Dag nab leg cramps gonna put your feet on the floor real quick. For you peoples that don't have leg cramps, ya don't know what ya miss'n. Ya ain't gonna sleep in, that's for sure.

Sit here drink'n coffe and watch'n them paint programs on PBS this morning when I got to think'n. Ya gotta do something Billy Bob. Look at all the dishes in the sink. And how bout tak'n the trash out? Ya could vacuum, ya know. Holy cow, what was I think'n???

Right bout 9:30 I put them half cooked brownies in the solar oven (upside down) and forgot all bout them. Went off to town look'n for shocks for the Jeep and all of a sudden, I remembered the brownies. Bach home real quick and them brownies are definitely fully cooked. Ya ever ate bread what been sit'n in the sun for 3 days??? Good thing I still have most of my teeth....and a little hammer.

Now, ya wanna know what I found out on the internet??? Them brownies were supposed to be covered with a lid. I suppose to keep the collected heat inside. If I didn't choke on pop corn hulls, I would take Bens suggestion and try pop corn in the oven.

Put the old body to work this afternoon do'n dishes and trash. I think the vacuum can wait a few more days. While I doing all this house work, I'm in the process of mak'n a pot of chili spaghetti. Bet ya a nickel the chili spaghetti come out better than the house work.


  1. Thanks for the update,, NOW< go back and change the date to TODAY, not Saturday. :-) and try the popcorn in a coffee can maybe? not a lot of it.. I just wondered it it would work.

  2. Never mind,,I was the one screwed up on the date NOT you!!! sorry.

    Good thing is I didn't miss the Loto drawing :-)

  3. Ya ever ate bread what been sit'n in the sun for 3 days??? Good thing I still have most of my teeth....and a little hammer.

    jajajajaja...oh my god you have no idea how much I laughed when I read this.

    I feel normal when I read your blog because you like to relax and take things at a much slower pace much like I do.

  4. MsB, glad I could give someone a little laugh. That means I'm doing something right.
    My pace, being relaxed and laid back, ain't by choice...that's the best I can do. It ain't easy being "slow", but I have it perfected to a "T".
    LOL....sometimes I feel normal too.