Thursday, July 16, 2009

cold morning

Boy howdy, was it ever "brrrrrr" cold this morning. Looks like winter is just around the corner. Went out on the porch to watch the sunrise and it felt like a dream. Cool north breeze and a few clouds.

Yesterday afternoon we had quite a shower here in the desert. Temp dropped from 103 to 93 with in minutes and rain started fall'n out the sky. Hmmmm, maybe it needs to rain more often, not that we need it. Ya gots ta have grass or a freak'n farm to need rain.

Today has been just another day of doing little chores around the ranch house. Picked up a bag of trash and "stuff" I don't need from the porch. Then when it started get'n hot about 10am, I went inside and started pick'n up more junk and "stuff" I don't need. Put all my mail from the last 3 months in a big box in the bedroom to go through at a later date. Then I did up dishes again, for the second time this week. Run slap out of forks. Like to never got the spilled over pie from the cookie sheet from the solar oven. Cooked on like Monkey Glue. Then I did nothing....my favorite activity.

Here's one them big bugs that scares hell out me every night when they land on my head while I'm concentrating on important stuff.
I holler "HEY!!!! GET OFF ME"

Tomorrow there is a golf tournament in Silver City. Annual old farts "Uninvited Invitational". Two years ago I won second place....won a "laid back golfer" cap and some golfing flip flops with spikes. The guy that won first place died this year, so if I win tomorrow, does that mean I have only two more years to live???? To be safe, I think I better "throw" the game.

Good news on the "that jeep". Haven't thought about it for the last 2 days. I did find out that many RV'ers tow one behind their rig with no problems at all. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob???


  1. Thanks for the update..About that huge MOTH,,wish I could remember what it is, have had them here.. the size of little birds. the name is right on the tip of my tongue.

    To clean that baking dish,,fill it with water in the sink,, add in a tablespoon of water softener and a little liquid dish soap and leave it for a bit. an hour . Will clean right up.

  2. lol Ben, I don' care if that sucker is a moth or a dinosaur, I don't want it rambl'n round on my head.
    I got the cookie sheet clean as a whistle. Just let it soak in hot water and Monkey Glue all gone.