Thursday, July 9, 2009

Called in sick

Boy howdy, what is wrong now? I woke this morning to a rumbling stomach and sore all over. After a pot of coffee, I thought maybe a breakfast was in order. Well that didn't work out any better than the coffee did. Popped an alka seltzer think'n I would be good to go...that didn't work either. So, I just laid around all day feeling sorry for myself.
Now, what could have caused this sickness to befall me? I know....it's that damn Jeep sitting outside. I think John Wells, along with a few others, had a short discussion about "stress" a short while back. You don't suppose???? Oh yeah, I forgot to take my meds yesterday. You don't suppose???
Anyhows, this is all I have to write tonight. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Well, "you old coot" ( your words :-) " yep, we all have days like that .. And taking our daily pills is a must , as you well know.
    IMHO, you did the right think, just kick back and rest with a day off. I do that on occasion, mostly in the winter,, I HATE cold.

  2. Hope you are feeling better Billy Bob.

    I think we get sick regardless of age and as you mention sometimes stress doesn't help either.