Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ain't gonna do nuttin

Roll'n this old body out of bed this morning was a chore. But I did it by 5:30. What I tell my pesky neighbor, Wayne..."no one gets up at 5:30 in the morning", but when ya gotta be at the golf course by 7:15, ya gotta break some rules. Back home by 10:30...now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?

Looked out in the yard at my solar oven and decided to do test #4...boil water. Ha, that didn't work. Put a quart of cold tap water in the cold oven and in 45 minutes the oven was up to bout 220 degs, but the water was just sit'n there doing nothing. Two hours later, the water was just sit'n there doing nothing but mak'n little tiny bubbles on the bottom of the pan. Hmmmmm....more research.

In the mean time, I went inside to get out of the west Texas heat that had spilled into south New Mexico. Boy howdy, it must be hot in Terlingua today.

Went out to the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee to move it out of my pesky neighbors yard and the sucker wouldn't start. Dag nab kids must have got in it and left the key on. Oh wait, maybe it were me when I was check'n out stuff. Tomorrow is ball joint day, so it better crank up at 7:30am.


  1. I am sorry your boiling water test did not work out but I am sure you will figure how to make it work.

    Could not help but smile when you mention how hot it must be in Terlingua as I was wondering the same thing today. Wish JW would return to posting the high and low daily temperatures.

  2. MsBelinda, not to detract from BB's post but here is a link to the Terlingua weather you can check anytime you want too.


    And BB, about the water not boiling. was the oven temperature not up to 212 or did the water just not boil?

  3. Your solar oven looks great BB!

  4. Ben, there could be many reasons the water didn't boil. The thermometer measured close to 250 degs, but since it is metal, that could have been the surface temp of the thermometer and not the temp of the oven.....hmmmmm, who knows?
    There is supposed to be a metal plate under the pan to absorb heat....hmmm, could this be it???
    I gonna figger it out eventually.