Saturday, September 1, 2012

Never later than better......HUH?

What's the old say'n....better late than never? Sometimes I'm think'n ....better never than late. That kind of like I feel this beautiful sunshiny day in southern New Mexico. Couldn't ask for better weather than what it is here.

Yesterdays post was an attempt to explain how I ended up in the desert and how I fell in love with it. I could have just posted a 2 liner and been done with it, but you know how the old Billy Bob operates.....details on top of details. By now, all my followers what's been with me for a spell probly know me pretty well. I don't hide nuttin....tell it like it is/was. I needed yesterdays post, even thought it ended up a reminder of sad past. Good for the soul ya know. Keeps ya stomp'n through the brush and rubble to a better day.

Well shoot, I been back in Deming for only a few days an' I already have a couple projects started.

The first is just a stik. It could be used as a walking stik, or ya could do like I gonna do, hang it on the wall.
Since Deming is no longer my home base of operations, this stick will be a reminder of my time in Deming. A nice coat of mahogany stain an' a couple coats of polyurethane and this stik may out live the old Billy Bob. It's made from a yucca stalk.

The second project is what ya see here, an old mesquite root from my grandpa's ranch just down the road a piece bout 7 mile north of Columbus, NM. The eagle was give me by my grandson Tim. I got plans for them two items.

A third project is on hold. The "adobe doll house". But that don't mean it's forgotten.....stay tuned.

An attempt to include a couple photos of old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is pretty much a failure. I'll post this one and try again to get some good pics of him later.
Then of course, there's the old Billy Bob sit'n on "da porch, sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n.
Ya cain't get no better than this....amungst friends.

This pretty much sums up my day here at "Pesky's RV Resort and Spa".


  1. You really look contented. It is nice that you get to chat with your old buddy. Bet it makes him happy. BTW, where do you call "home base"?

    1. Cows are contented. Are you say'n I look like a cow?
      Yup, Wayne sure is happy that for sure. He been over to Billy Bob's house 30 times a day pester'n him just like he ain't never left. We hav'n fun.

      I guess Port Aransas would have to be home base since my bank and PO box is there.

  2. LOL Rose. Poor old Wayne were try'n his best to get a good breath of air after he took Sadie Mae for a ride around the park. Took his breath away go'n a hunnert mile a hour in that there golf'n cart. He look like that when he's asleep too.

    Glad ya took the time to comment. Don't wait so long next time.

  3. I agree with Rose that Wayne does look like he's mad.

  4. Our blogs aren't just chatter, they are also journals. Yesteryear does very much effect us. Memories come flooding back when we go back to childhood places. They aren't always good....but they are what made us what we are today. I'm glad you made it there & have the time to reflect. To visit with Pesky Wayne. Enjoy your time while there!

  5. He Bill Bob,
    Just doing some catch up reading.
    I loved yesterday's story. My dad used to say they didn't know they were poor because so was everyone else.

    I love your porch. Keep havin fun Billy Bob.

  6. Taking the time to smell the roses (or Yucca) is always a good thing.

    Time spent on the porch, conflabing with friends, can be very productive, I think!

    You have a great day!