Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vacation in Deming

Is this what you're talk'n bout....look like this?
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Blogger changes almost as fast as a blogger. If'n ya keep up with blogs in a circle, you'll notice they change with time. While others may not change at all. Some bloggers write something every day, while others only write on occasion. But you already knew that....right? So exactly why do we blog in the first place?

In my case, I have a love of writing. Not the stuff you would order from Amazon on the best seller list, but the everyday trials, adventures an' misadventures, memories and just plain ol' nonsense I deal with in my life on a daily basis. The good times and the bad times. Happy times and sad times. I have no shame.

Last night I were lay'n there on the couch flip'n channels and come across a documentary on the Revolution of Mexico. You know, Pancho Villa and his band of revolutionaries in northern Mexico and Zapata in southern Mexico, both assassinated by the government. I had no idea the state of Mexico in 1900. It was a dictatorship. The people were slaves to the government. I would say it's not much better in 2012 with the people slaves to a corrupt government and drug cartels. Guns and ammunition were banned from the people to deter any further resistance of the people.

Ok, what's Billy Bob been do'n? Mostly he's been sit'n on his ass do'n nuttin. I can do that ya know since I'm on vacation in Deming.

Finished sand'n that "mesquite eagle" project. Boy howdy let me tell ya, that were a job. But, like I said before, I gonna have a problem with apply'n a finish on it. When I apply a coat of polyurethane to a sample area, it turns to a very dark color instead of enhancing the beautiful reds in the wood. I know 'somebody' can give me some suggestions....right?  Ok wood professionals, help the old Billy Bob out here.

I have no intention to leave Deming for another 3 or 4 weeks. A neighbor went to El Paso 2 days ago. I ask him how much water was in the Rio Grande river. He say ya can walk across it. That tells me there is no water in Lake Amistad in Del Rio or Falcon Lake in south Texas. Now how the hell is Billy Bob gonna catch fish if'n there ain't no water?

Ok....here come old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. See ya laters....


  1. http://www.nps.gov/webcams-amis/camera0.jpg plenty of water in Amistad for fishing.

    1. you're idea of plenty of water and mine are different. Look's "empty" to me.

  2. BB i cant get it to place on here using my prntscreen. I dont have a 1/3 of those, and on the compose, not even 1/2.

  3. Looks like some tool bars are turned off and you are running an outdated and unsupported version of IE.

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  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoxQbMjKER8&feature=plcp for serious fishing.

  6. Did Wayne tell you about setting the course record at the golf course?

  7. Put a shellac coating to seal the wood, then the top coat. Test on small spot first for color.

  8. Or use real varnish, not that polly stuff...

  9. Lake Amistad looks low but the International Water Commission is still releasing water to help downstream...so I guess Falcon Lake is benefiting from all this.

    Yesterday there were a lot of fishermen around. Saw them icing down their catch or it could of been their beer...jajajaja :D