Monday, September 24, 2012

Year #2 of old....71 today

Another year in the life of Billy Bob has passed....hopefully with no end in sight. Do I feel older? You damn right I do. It ain't like these old bones are gonna heal and make me a young man again. Just something I got to deal with.

I was look'n back on "last year" and what I accomplished in that time. Well hell, it weren't nuttin but a bunch of work modify'n and fix'n stuff. But that's what I like to do. There ain't nuttin more excit'n than to take the original idea of a manufacturer and screw that idea all to pieces. I'm still work'n on the idea to make a remote controlled golf ball that will sink a putt at 50 feets. 

In the last year I have been feel'n better in some ways, but discover'n new ailments have also took control of my life. I didn't figger on this kind of stuff when I was a young whippersnapper....you know bout when I were a 60 year old....or something like that. There was a time I thought I was indestructible. But holy crap, what happen in the last few years? It catch up to me all at the same time. When I look around me and see what other old folks are go'n through, I rekon I ain't got it so bad. What they say....it could be worse?

I got all kind of electronic test'n equipment for test'n my blood pressure, oxygen level....pills for this an' that, rubs for aches and pains....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Didn't have none that stuff when I were indestructible. Didn't need none that neither. We used to sit on "da porch" talk'n bout what we gonna do, the stuff  what we did, and all the places we been. Now we sit out there talk'n "old folk" talk. Bout health issues an' stuff....."how ya feel today" an' "am I gonna die".

I got to think'n back on my first year of "officially" old. I don't rekon I did too bad. Put another 5 or 6,000 mile on "Sally da house" traisp'n all round the country. Spend some wonderful time camp'n all over Texas. Visit'n lakes I only read about in magazines. Catched me up a few fishes along the way. Swaked some golf balls. See country I ain't never see before. A trip to Georgia to see the kids and grandkids. And of course, do some fix'n and modifications to "Sally da house. Yes, I rekon I had me a pretty good year.



  1. Happy Birthday to you, 71 you got more years than Ben Woods did, he was such a wonderful blogger, Texan and sweet person! You are the libra snake in terms of astrological, can't understand why you are single at all, not many men live too long anymore at all, die right after retiring, Ben Woods did that, my hubby retired and so did several other men, they died before they could go on any trips with the wives who waited for 30 to 40 years to do that, guess most companies just work a person to near death and when a person retires they are so happy not to be in the bs of trying to keep a job until their 60's or later they just go with the Lord as the saying is stated..Happy Happy Happy, get yourself a tiny piece of a cake or pie and celebrate you are around to even enjoy your Sally da house, and that you are alive, many would love to be in your shoes..Hope you are not feeling too under the weather to celebrate another year of living and blogging, I enjoy reading your blog early each morning..it is a hoot to me! Happy Happy and many many more years of happines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, Happy Birthday from a reader in El Paso, TX.

  3. Well, guess you must know more than me, anon,,about ol Ben. His death was really shocking, but,,sweet person? wow. I'm one he blocked from his blog, cause i made the mistake of not agreeing with him.

    Gonna get to that one, too, in Nov. BB. Love sittin on the porch, but, always did,,,lol. Hope you had a goonun!

  4. Happy Birthday Billy Bob! Now you're the same age as me, but not for long and then I'll pull out ahead of ya. Sometimes I think I would trade some of the smarts you get when you grow old for getting a few of those years back.

  5. Happy birthday young feller, hope there are many more in your future.

  6. May the good Lord give you many more happy birthdays...we're starting a fulltime lifestyle in 5 days..hope to catch ya down the road..thoroughly enjoy you blogs every day..Charlie & Heather http://cmhl.blogspot.com Rolling Earthquake

  7. We're havn fun at 71
    You will too
    at 72!


    Do somphen for Billy Bob today, hear?

  8. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you. Missing you as always xoxo

  9. I am a year behind you. You keep leading the way and I will follow. Happy Birthday you Old Fart!!

  10. Oh I forgot, when you perfect those golf balls you were talking about, don't tell Barney.

    And many more. I hope you get to see more things and enjoy many more fishin days.

  12. Billy Bob,

    You have 10 years on me but I know what you mean about the "old folk talk", haha. Hope you had a great birthday. Love reading your blog, very funny and sometimes inspiring! Camp on!

    Max from Illinois.

  13. Billy Bob - Is 70 now the official "old" age? My hubby has 10 years on me, and has, I guess, been old now for almost 2 years, but he's still going strong. I have to keep working to keep him in swackin' balls and Spam, but in many ways he's younger than I. He just kept our 2 year old grandson daily for 2 weeks by himself, and built said grand a sandbox in the process. This week he's had to start wearing glasses for the first time ever, 'ceptin' readers, and still looks pretty damn skippy good! Guess I like OLD! Happy Bithday, Billy Bob - keep on swackin' and bloggin', as long as you enjoy it.

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