Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still low voltage

Boy howdy......all bad news this morning. It ain't so bad that it can't be fixed, but damn, I'm tired of fix'n stuff. Would rather be out swak'n golf balls.

Ok, here's the deal.....yesterday I replaced the house batteries in "Sally da house". Think'n all would good to go, I found out I have another electrical problem.....somewheres. By the way, I did not pay $750 for 4 batteries. I spent $750 yesterday....close to $200 was for insurance co-pay and meds cost. But anyhows. With the 4 new batteries installed and connected, three hours later I started the evening with low voltage. Remember when I said old folks screw up? Well, I failed to check the voltage of the batteries when I first connected them. Were they fully charged or were then partially charged? What ever the case, I still have a problem....somewheres. Today will call for the assistance of "Inspector Billy Bob" to diagnose for possible shorts and "ghost" circuits. Gonna be a fun day I'm sure. "Damn Billy Bob, don't ya ever get tired of fix'n stuff"???

"My God Billy Bob, did all that stuff come out of the back of "that jeep". Out behind the jeep lays a huge pile of "stuff". Inside the jeep is another pile of "stuff". Ya see, I decided I would clean out the back of "that jeep"....rearrange ya know. It's all fish'n related. The "bubba boat" and accessories takes up most of the conglomeration.

Made me a fish'n pole holder so's I don't break off any more tips on expensive fish poles.

Maybe in a week or so I'll have everthing loaded back up in a uniform order instead of just throwed it back there in a big ol' heap. Cain't find nuttin.

Was a bit chilly this morn'n. Something like 48 degs. just before old sol waked up an' showed his face on the horizon. I don't really mind a cool morn'n, but when I got to thaw out my water hose to make coffee, I ain't happy. The way I see it, I ain't got much time left in Deming before I go look'n for warmer weather over there in Texas. After I get all these new repairs took care of of course.

Afternoon fix it repair an' stuff like that update.

Now ya know the old Billy Bob ain't gonna just jump into his  repair overalls with out first do'n a little think'n.    
Ask a few questions and confiffer the situation, stuff like that. Fiddl'n round, yank'n, pull'n, wiggle up'ards and downw'ards on them solar panel wires I notice I get'n all kind of difference in voltages. That ain't right.

Off to the wire sell'n place I go. Gonna change me some wires. Do I need to? Hell I don't know, but I gonna. Bought me up 60 feets of #6 stranded wire and a few assorted connectors for the ends. Ain't gonna be no different voltage when I get done I betcha. In the mean whiles, I charge up them batteries all the way to the top. Won't hold no more.

Got the cripple up neighbor boy to crawl up under "Sally" and change the fuel filter. Crank up the engine and still got the same problem. But I got a new fuel filter anyhows. Look like a trip to the auto mechanic shop some time in the next couple weeks. But first, I gonna try to locate the problem by process of elimination. You know, start chang'n parts till I get the right one. Poke and hope if'n ya know what I mean.

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne sure has been cantankerous for the last few days. Bitch an' moan bout ever little thing. "What up Wayne"???


  1. The more stuff you have the more stuff you have to fix. It's either that are carry it as dead weight. I started shedding "stuff" when 100 percent of my time was fixing that "stuff".
    Now I have very little stuff and most of that will never need fixing.

  2. Electrical problems are sometimes the hardest to locate. Good luck on testing all the circuits.

  3. 85 and sunshine here at the Whitsett Rest Area about 80 miles north of Corpus Christi, tx.

  4. Maybe Wayne needs a snickers or he wants to go fishing.

  5. Man, I hope you get those pesky problems all fixed up soon!

    Waste of good fishing time!

  6. Funny, you're looking to get TO Texas before cold, and I'm looking to get OUT of Texas before cold weather sets in!