Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surprise visit

We got a believer out here at the old campgrounds. He's prepp'n, or as I call it, hoarding. In his motorhome, he has stashed 100's (spelled hunnerds) of pounds of can goods and packaged dry stuff. Just purchased another $300 dollar worth of food soon as he got his "check". One hunnert pounds of pintos to feed the campground when "it" happens.

Now he got all this stuff stored in every crack and cranny in preparation of the com'n days when there will be no food on the grocers shelves. He got enough to last a year. But....since the world is gonna end here in a couple months.....what the hell???

I were lay'n there on the couch  an' I hear this little knock on my door.....tap tap tap. Now who the hell could that be? I jumps up an' flings the door wide open....it's Barney the Old Fat Man. Damn, the OFM was look'n good from all that walk'n an' bike rid'n he been do'n for the last couple months. A healthy specimen that what he are.
"Lesson learned Billy Bob....git off yer ass".

We sat out there on "da porch", three old fats, discuss'n life in general, all in agreement that life is good.
Then we went out for Mexican. Yes, life is good.

One fine look'n gentleman.....
"pesky neighbor" Wayne

Two fine look'n gentlemen......
OFM and "pesky"
"Hey, where the hell is the Billy Bob"???

Gonna have to take "that jeep" down to the automotive fix'n place sometime next week....get the front end check out and reinstall the front drive shaft. Ya see, when I goes down the road do'n a hunnert mile a hour, the front end start jump'n all over the road.....shimmy'n an' shak'n....the dreaded "death wobble". Google that an' you gonna know what I'm talk'n bout....scare the hell out ya I bet ya a dollar.

This is Sunday, the day of rest. Ok, that exactly what I'm gonna do today. Ain't gonna do nuttin. Well, maybe I'll go sit on "da porch", sip up a cup an' smear some polyurethane on that stick. I finished sanding hell out it yesterday and put a nice coat of red mahogany stain on it. Not sure if I gonna like it.

In answer to one of yesterdays comments: Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne, is always look'n mad. Look like he gonna kick somebodys ass. But I got to bust his bubble, Wayne is a gentle as a lamb Teddy bear, roar'n like a lion to a full moon.


  1. Gosh, even my sis N is hoarding food!! Told her she's listening to a bunch of idiots out there. Had to throw all my stuff away,,too old, and i sure didn't do it on purpose. Last thing she asked was, if i had heard about the gulf gonna rise and flood everything!!!,,,Said it was all over the internet,,,HUH???,,,(she doesn't even have a puter).. That's the newest going around with her "associates", besides the world's gonna end....

    1. I ain't hear nuttin bout the Gulf is gonna rise, but I do know we gonna get hit by a fly'n asteroid right shortly.

  2. My goodness that is a lot of shine coming from the OFMs head. Thanks for the dinner BB.

  3. I follow OFM always wondered what he looked like upfront and good picture, also Wayne looks like a gentle fellow, thanks to the Lord he is still doing well and he and OFM looked like they was having a great time, I am sure you were tooooooo...The dinner I am sure was lovely, how nice for you to have good friends and dinner too.Looks like you are having fun, sorry about the crap that happened on the motorhome..glad everyone escaped the evils of hurricane Isaac...have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well, that was a pleasant surprise for you that Barney showed up. Looks like that is a bottle of Mexican Coca Cola on the table. The only soft drink that I drink now and then. Got a couple of bottles in the frig right now.

  5. Too bad someone did not take a picture of the three of you together. Looks like a great time was had by all.