Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank ya thank ya thank ya....

I sure do want to thank everbody what wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. I were begin'n to think my ratings had dropped to a all time low and Billy Bob's Place was being boycotted. I suppose I learned something yesterday with all the well wish'n birthday comments. 

So what am I do'n with my blog what I didn't do a couple years ago? Is it just that I'm a couple years older, writ'n stuff that don't interest nobody but myself? Too much repair/fix/modify? Not enough silly stories, accidents and nonsense? "Damn Billy Bob, ya gotta git with the program....write something funny". 

For everbody what ain't lik'n the new Blogger format, bout all I can say is it's just like the old one. Does the same thing just like the old one. When I first changed over a couple months ago, I hated it too. Didn't take long to get used to it. Had to 'spearmint with it a bit before I forgot there was a old one I used to use. Don't ask me why they changed the format 'cause I ain't got a clue. All I know is that the new one works.....just like the old one.

Wayne fix me up a birthday dinner last night. Throwed half a chicken on my plate, some grilled taters and some the most god awful tast'n beans ya ever ate. I were expect'n baked beans, so's I take a great big ol' bite. What the hell???? They was black beans with corn in 'em, something what look like celery....maybe onions. Worstest beans I ever eat in my life. Not eat...taste. Throw them straight in the dumpster. Sadie Mae wouldn't even eat 'em. Good thing too, 'cause she farts in bed.

That reminds of a cat I onest owned. Well something like that. He sleeped on the pillow right next to mine. And he farted at night. I ain't talk'n no little sweet smell'n farts, but these things were god awful nasty "wake ya up from a dead sleep" farts. One time he were lay'n on the couch next to a lady visitor, get'n petted an' stuff like that, when he let loose one them things. The lady get all beet red and says...."I gotta go". Never see her again. Damn cat. 

Gonna run down the road a piece this morn'n....or afternoon. I done run slap out my little cigar thingys I suck on. Make a Walmart run while I'm out. Walmart got the bestest maters ya ever eat. Corn on the cob ain't too shabby neither. Then stop by the produce sell'n place....get me a watermelon an' a couple cantaloupes (spell checker did that).

Ok....got things to do....laters.


  1. I am still laughing about your fart'n cat. Hold'n my Tommy and wiping tears out of my eyes. I got me a pup that could be your cat's sister that sleeps right next to my pillow if not on it. Laughing again and again - great post.

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday! Happy Belated Birthday!

    There, now I feel better! Too bad thew beans weren't eatable, but at least Sadie May didn't get a mouthful!

    Too funny about the farting cat!

  3. That cat wouldnta been by my pillow!

  4. Still interested and still reading here, Billy Bob. Happy birthday, plus 1.

  5. We went to a wal mart they did not have the free cleaner for eyeglasses or the cloth to clean it with..funny place, never shop there only go in and get the cleaner and cloth, in our town they are nice, but this was a long ways away what do they say about shopping and trading inthe place you live no kidding..Hope you get some rest and relaxation, those beans I would have tossed, only use green beans with a tad bit of garlic and real butter canned green beans, hubbs likes them that way, I make my own real beans and put some ham into them and a jalapeno or two..really mild..take care, my hubbs birthday at the end of rocktober as I call it, already got the avengers movie many blu ray discs included only a few dollars, hubbs is so happy watched it twice, we are tired, drove over 300 miles went on a harbor cruise, dinner at a Thai place, got him lots of thing he has been wanting and he waited til I got all of them this is in Seattle largest city in the state, now he I am set for his birthday, I spoil him rotten as he is my only hubbs married almost 40 years, it feels just like yesterday to me! Our only child is about 9 days after her daddy, I spoil her rotten too..sweetest daughter anyone could ever hope to have and we got her only one child and so so cute and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Birthdays are so special for the people has and should be spoiled rotten, just my opinion! Take it easy and happy happy again, one day later!

  6. A belated Happy Birthday BB! And I'm told old dogs fart and kitty cats pass gas.

  7. BB Thanks for the laugh, and i got to go too.hahahaha oh yep Happy Birthday.

  8. Billy Bob -

    You have got me laughing so much here at my desk that folks who pass by are giving me funny looks - I just tell 'em to have a great day like mine! Thanks for starting me off with a grin - bodes well for the rest of my "hump day"...

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