Sunday, August 2, 2009

I thought it was Monday

Holy Cow, no wonder my tv was messed up this morning. It ain't Monday.
Woke up early this morning and put on my work clothes....LOLOLOLOL...HAHAHAHA, like I'm gonna go to work. Actually, I was hav'n a bad dream when I woke up. "I'm gonna be late for work and one more time, I get fired". What kind of dream was that???

Ya ain't gonna believe it, but I went off to the golf course and played a round this morning. Ha ha, told ya you wouldn't believe it. Struck a pretty good game considering where my drives ended up. Tall grass, tall grass, in da weeds, in da dirt...no water though.

Just the other day, Old Uncle Ben asked me about Blue Bell ice cream. I told him "ya can't get Texas Blue Bell ice cream in New mexico". Boy Howdy, let me tell ya what happened. Just for fun, I went into the ice cream section at Walmart and there it was, staring me in the face, Blue Bell ice cream. I went back to the meat department and dropped off all them meats I was gonna put in the freezer and went back and picked out a half gallon that Texas Blue Bell ice cream. Now all I gots to do is get it home before it melts.

Today I baked up a couple small loafs of bread. The only mistake I made was by listening to my "baker" neighbor. He said to smush it down before ya bake it. Right.....now I have smushed down bread what didn't rise back up.
Then I figered I might as well cook my supper....at 1pm. Throwed me a can of maters, half an onion, two potatoes and some seasoning in my glass cook'n pot. Toped it off with a pork tenderloin roast and stuck it in the solar oven. Come 5pm and old Billy Bob was eat'n like a king.

Now about that cherry/apple pie I baked yesterday. Cut me off a big hunk along with a couple globs that Blue Bell ice cream and I was in heaven sit'n right out there on my porch.

Here's a couple pics from my job site where I labored all of yesterday in the sweltering heat.


  1. There is nothing better than Blue Bell ice cream to cool one down on a hot Texas summer or in any place for that matter.

    Whenever I go grocery shopping I always take along a cooler and frozen individual bottles of water to serve as ice and also to drink out of if need be.

    Glad to read you are getting the hang of your solar oven.

  2. MsB, Men carry "stuff" in their pockets that they would never leave home without. When an item comes up missing, they will spend an entire day looking for it until it has been returned. Then they rejoice. So good to see you have returned. I've looked everywhere for you.
    Waiting on the new reflectors to arrive for the oven, but find something to cook in it every day.

  3. Hey BB and all other Blue Bell lovers,here is the link to that little Creamery in Texas and they got a printable coupon.. Billy, you got to try the package of indivudal snack size ones.. link thingy,, copy and paste it