Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do something Billy Bob

Sometimes I get up think'n, "what ya do'n here"? Here??? Do ya mean here as "alive"? Or do ya mean here as "where ya at"? Got so much crap on my mind I don't know if I com'n or if I go'n. That makes me think I need to take some time off and do some "think'n". Routine is got to change.

With that said, Boy Howdy, is it gonna be a beautiful day or what? I waked up this morning and it was sunshiny outside. WOW....old Billy Bob slept in. The way I figger it, if ya ain't got no job, ya take the day off and do what 'you' wanna do. Now, what am I gonna do today?

Since I have so little time to get ready for another trip, I guess I should be put'n some thought into "fix'n stuff" whats broke instead of mess'n with that solar oven and sit'n on "da porch".

First thing I gonna do is "take a look" at "that jeep" what stalls at red lights. Ok...let me see what we got here..."Oh, lookie here"...we got one them performance chips....hmmmm, how that sucker come out? Oh, that was easy, just yank it off, plug the wire thingy back into the computer and crank 'er up. Yep, it started right up. Now for a road test....after I rest from all this hard strenuous, back break'n work.

Well, if'n ya guessed next would be sit'n on "da porch", you were so right. Ya git'n to know old Billy Bob like a book. But it weren't wasted time....I were "think'n"!!!
Now it's almost lunch time and I have no idea what that may be. Salsa burger sounds good, but ya gotta crank up the stove for that. Big ole ham and mater sandwich should tide me over till supper time.

Seen a big ole jack rabbit cut'n cross the road a while ago and I got myself one them "wild hares".
** *What if ya took off from Deming bout October, head on down to Terlingua for a week or so....then on down to Port Aransas for a week or so....up to Houston to visit daughter and grandkids...then head back west...all the way to southern Ca. and Yuma Az.*** Wow, that's a lot of miles. No....that would never work. So much for "wild hares". "What ya gonna do now Billy Bob"??? hehehe....eat a sandwich and take a nap.


  1. Lol Billy Bob, you made me laugh...after all that thinking and then you decided not to go ahead with what you originally planned...sounds like something I would do!

  2. Gee MsB, I thought so much, I don't remember what my original plan was.

  3. BB.. you don't remember the old adage? K.I.S. S. ? Keep it simple Stupid. :-)

  4. lol Ben, simple is not the way of life for a full timing RV'er. Ya gots to make all decisions as complicated as possible....lol.