Saturday, August 29, 2009

Work'n hard at the ranch

"Everyone has their toys"
Built and crashed in 2002 by Billy Bob and Company

Ok....here's the deal. Today I have "planned activities". And we're not talk'n bout no stink'n golf game. I got work to do. Hard work. If you think doing dishes ain't hard work, I'm here to tell ya different.

Climbed up on "da roof" to do a couple chores...remove the old torn up awning material what was hang'n down the side of "da house" Take a look at them beautiful solar panels and maybe gonna turn one around. Well, forget that. Them suckers look just fine like they is. Now that I finished those chores in record time, "now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"???

Speak'n of "da house", I had an inquiry about names for my stuff. Mainly why I named my motorhome "Sally". Well, it's like this. When I bought "Sally" she didn't have a name like "Alice" (my first motorhome) did. I listen to oldies music, on occasion, and Little Richard was sing'n Long Tall Sally. I were get'n "down" and "Sally struck me as a good name for "da house". So...there you have it. Other names just happen. I have one golf club called "Gracie". One golf ball I call "GD ball".

Lug Nut got his name rather strangely. One my sons was call'n him "nut sack" 'cause he didn't have a name yet. When my granddaughter asked one day, "where's nut sack", I decided that name was inappropriate. Well....my son Jesse James left a lug nut off of "Ralph" (my little red Bronco) when he changed brake shoes for me.....so "Lug Nut" was renamed.
Back again, but ain't got nuttin to say. Was practic'n being "king of do'n nuttin" all afternoon.

Got the awning fabric on order. Don't know where it's com'n from, but it's ordered. Ended up getting ShadeMaker. It's cheap and the only fabric I found that has a 5 year guarantee. All them others are only guaranteed for 1 year. You would think that the #1 awning makers would have more than one year guarantee.

My other neighbor "cowboy" sent me a bucket of black walnuts. (The reason I call him cowboy ain't 'cause he has cows...but he wears a cowboy hat.) Sit'n out there on "da porch" I started bust'n them walnut open and pick'n out the good stuff. Well....I think I done picked too much. Been burp'n an' "park'n" for an hour....Alka Seltzer????


  1. I know that your looking for a good cheap PV controller. I don't think you can find one that meets those two requirements. John Wells should be able to steer you in the right direction. Don't do what I normally do which is buy 2-3 cheap ones trying to get one that will last, just go buy a good one the first time. I bet that Wind Sailer was a Hoot.

  2. LOL...hey what can I say...ENJOY!

  3. BB I can understand how a solar panel might be upside down, that would be really obvious, but how can one be laying flat on your roof and be backwards? Does it have to do with where the wires/cables attach to it?

  4. River...I got the best...an MPPT 25 amp at a fair cheap price. Most RV'ers use the Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000e.

    LOL Bob, I been wait'n for someone to question "backwards".
    When I installed the two panels end to end, I failed to check location of the connection boxes on the "ends" of the panels. One is arse backwards. Can't see it from my house!!!

  5. BB make sure you take into account that extra length of cable, it may only be a couple of feet, but when your figuring resistance of cables, every little bit counts.
    It shouldn't be that hard to switch ends.

  6. Thanks for telling us the "origin" of the names of your RV and dog. But how did Ralph get his name?

    I am good at giving nicknames to people but I am terrible when it comes to naming my vehicles. Have tried for years to name my van but none of the names have "stuck", so it is still the "white van".