Tuesday, August 25, 2009

still da king

So...What I gonna do today???

Got up this morning with a new outlook on life. Yesterday was just too much for an old retired fart to handle....in one day anyhows. "What was you think'n....Billy Bob"????

After yesterdays bout with 'maniac' depression, old Billy Bob stood tall all of today do'n nuttin. Once ya get tagged as "king of do'n nuttin", ya don't want to lose that position of superiority by over exertion and losing your mind do'n something. Makes perfectly good sense to me.

Rained most all night long, so no golf this morning, even though I was ready by 6:30 to swak them golf balls. Only ducks play golf in the rain.

Boy howdy did I ever have a great time this morning. I got bout a gazillion travel pics on my computer and I started way back in 2002 look'n at and reliving those days. Didn't realize I had been so many places in such a short time. Aren't memories great???

Ok, I gotta rest for a bit.

Rest???.....lololol....hahahaha!!! Old Billy Bob ain't got no time for rest'n.

Put me together a homemade, from scratch, big ol' pan of peach cobbler, courtesy of Paula Dean of the Food Network. That were easy.....and it tastes so good, I gonna have me another glob that stuff.

All in all, today has been perfect. Temp never got over 82 degs, felt good all day, wore a jacket on "da porch" this morning (62), had a nice nooner......yep, perfect day practicing being the king.


  1. Glad you are still "da king" hehehe...

    I love looking at my pictures of prior cook-offs in Terlingua and reliving my memories.

    As you know I am computer challenged but one of these days I am going to have to figure out how to scan pictures and find an easy program to help me sort them out.

  2. Billy Bob is "Da Man", wow sounds like you had a real nice day. I can't wait to get some of that cooler stuff down this way. Was 102 today in San Antonio and will be tomorrow. BUT, (smile) they are predicting a break for this weekend with a possibility of a high of 92 degrees on Sunday! Yay! Finally! Geez.

  3. Peach cobbler? without me? no way!