Monday, August 31, 2009

Weed'n da garden

"Grand Canyon 2003"

I got to think'n this morning, what I do quite well. "Billy Bob, time's a run'n out an you sitt'n here on da porch "do'n nuttin"". Well, that's not actually true. Old Billy Bob has been busy do'n the important things...like get'n extra weight out "da house", order'n stuff, wash'n dishes, install'n an air compressor, go'n to the store, kill'n flies, swak'n golf balls, tak'n a nap and most importantly, mak'n sure old Billy Bob is happy.

Have ya ever pulled grass out da cactus garden? That what I been do'n for the last two hours. But there's a trick to it, what me think's will only work in the desert. What ya do, is take that there water hose and soak the ground with a gazillion gallons of water. In five minutes, water all gone and the grass comes up way too easy....roots and all.

Oh...watch out for that freak'n "Datil Yucca" right over there. It will eat your lunch.

Any thing else I would normally have to say would just bore your pants off, so....I'm out of here!!!


  1. LOL...well if I told you about my day, we both could get bored over a cup of coffee.

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