Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleep'n chickens

After last nights toss'n an turn'n, old Billy Bob woked up at 5:30am just in time to see "dark". Maybe I gets up too early. If'n I had me some chickens, they would still be a sleep'n. But none the less, here come that old sunshine for the start of another beautiful day.

Not a bad sunrise considering "that other eye" was still closed.

Off to the golf course at 6:45 to swak some golf balls. Really screwed up on the front nine, but swak'ed 'em good on the back nine. That automatic putter is the best putt swak'n club I ever bought. Struke an 87...hehehehe.

Got back to "da house" and grabbed up my grocery list for a trip to town. Remember that Coffee Mate I was gonna buy a few days ago....well I done it...along with one them Marie Callenders Apple Pies for to put in the solar oven.

Pies in da oven. Put'er in there at 1:30, froze stiff as a board. Pointed into the sun and let'er rip. Well, it weren't long and da sun was gone...pooof!!!...just like that.
Clouds everywhere.

Ya never guess what I done. Yep, you're right. Put that sucker in the 400 deg oven in "da house" for a spell.

Hot dern, that be one good look'n lip smak'n pie.
Tell me!!!
That old Billy Bob is a pie cooker from way back.

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