Saturday, August 22, 2009

See, I told ya

Ha ha, When old Billy Bob says it's Saturday, it's Saturday...just like I said.

After last nights storm, what weren't nothing but a bunch of high winds, the temp dropped like a $100 dollar bill at Walmart. Thought I was gonna sleep real good with a nice cool breeze blow'n in the window....wrong!!! Winds quit and had to turn the a/c back on.

This morning reminds me of "coming winter". It's freak'n chilly out there, 63 degs. Sky all covered with some kind of weird look'n clouds. Snow clouds??? Nah....not in August. Desert weather astounds my mind.

Old pesky Wayne come over "whin'n" bout the golf cart wouldn't run...what he put some new charging wires on yesterday. Broke out my scientific new technology test'n gizmos and started check'n. Well shoot, Wayne, ya wired it wrong.

Boy Howdy, was that ever a great nap. I hit the couch and just like that, both eyes slam'ed shut and I was snor'n up a storm. Oh!!!! Speak'n of storm, it just rained on "da roof" and take a guess what's lay'n on "da roof". Yep, you got it right, my brand new 1997 DeWalt 9.6 volt protable drill.
At least it will be good and clean. Work??? Don't know.


  1. BeeUtiful rainbow picture.. Ole pesky Wayne is NOT an electrician is he? :-)

    BTW, on Google Earth I was finally able to pinpoint your park there, could even see some of the units that were there when the picture was taken, back when ever.

  2. "the temp dropped like a $100 dollar bill at Walmart."

    hehehe, I got a chuckle out of this line, might have to borrow it!

    Poor Wayne maybe he is just not a resourceful as you...give him a helping hand.

    BTW I take it Wayne does not have a computer?