Saturday, August 15, 2009

technology in action

Ok, what's so hard bout git'n up at 6:15 or 6:30am? It's only a cup 'o from 7am.
Somehows I got up all grumpy this morning. Old pesky neighbor Wayne has been keep'n his distance since his first 7:15 visit and the dogs are hid'n under the porch. This is gonna be one them days, I can see it now.

I been try'n my best to write something exciting, but it sure is hard to do when "ya don't do nuttin". You would think a retired person what lives out in the desert with mountains all round ya, there would be something to do. I know the yard needs mowed, but I ain't got no mower. The cactus garden needs trimmed, but nature should take care of that. Trash needs to go out, but it ain't full yet. Dishes need washed, but I still got a couple more clean forks. Floors need vacuumed, but the vacuum cleaner bag is full. So....the way I see it....I ain't got nuttin to do.

Been work'n hard all morning. Amazing how tired ya can get surf'n through all them web pages, push'n that little clicky click button. Today is shopping day at the web. Holy cow, would ya look at all the choices ya got. And lookie at all them different prices.

Spent two hours searching for a charge controller for my new solar panels....what are still sit'n in Jacksonville Fl. Not know'n much about charge controllers, I had to do a bunch of button punch'n just to figure out the best kind for my application. MPPT is what I be need'n, but MY GOD, them kind are expensive. If'n anyone reads this, maybe you can suggest a brand in the 25 amp range.

Gonna go out to the porch and do some "think'n".

Boy howdy, what's wrong with old pesky neighbor Wayne. He done cooked up a dinner for us, what he only does on special occasions. We gonna have corned beef and cabbage, some kind of taters and sliced maters.
6:15pm: Hmmmm....not here yet. Ya don't rekon he ate it all???

Ok, MsB....the dishes are done....all of them. Ain't gonna put them up wheres they belong though. No sense in causing undue stress on the cabinet hinges and drawer slides every time I need something. Oh yeah.....took the freak'n trash out too....although it's a waste to empty a trash bag before it's plumb full. Total waste!!!


  1. Lol, Billy Bob I must say you are "the king of doing nuttin"...

    I don't blame you if I could get away with that I would be the queen of nuttin.

    It's funny how we prioritize, I will do the small stuff rather than tackling the big jobs, such as doing my income tax but I guess I have to take the bull by the horns and tackle that sucker soon.

  2. Hey BB one of John's friends recommended these guys to me, they seem to know "watt" they are talking about and are available to consult with you. Their catalog and web site has a lot of useful info in addition to the stuff they sell.


    Don't know how their prices compart.

  3. Now MsB, I weren't mean'n to give the impression that I don't do just "nuttin". All them other little things I do ain't worth writ'n about. There's no humor in some of the "other" stuff what I do, so I don't say nuttin bout it. But I will definitely let ya know if'n I ever get those dishes done.

    Bob, thanks for the link. It was helpful since they carry the same controllers I was look'n at. And their prices are in line with other sites. Especially like the idea of an address and phone #.

  4. You know after reading your post I think I have an idea of whats going on, and better yet a possible answer to your problems.

    You need to take a day off, sleep in, spend the day reading a good book, get rested up for the next day of doing 'work'. The solar panel stuff? The sun will be there the next day.

    Give it some serious thought...

  5. LOL Rob, I really don't have a problem when it comes to "tak'n a day off" and "relax'n". It's all that other stuff that I have a problem with....like work.
    All my little projects are considered, like "Old Fat Man" would say, hav'n tooo much fun. Being retired and handicapped with an old worn out back, I like to take my time and "think" things out before committing myself to strenuous manual labor.:)

    I've found in all these years that the only time to be serious is when nothing else works. Same with instructions, if it don't work, read the instructions.

  6. Well people just don't realize how hard doing nuttin is. The hardest part is knowing when your done.

  7. Lol, Billy Bob I'm glad you got the dishes done..hehehe

  8. Check with MIKESWINDMILLSHOP in arizona , he can steer you to the right charge controller and he has some too.