Monday, August 24, 2009

mess'n wit stuff

"Hi daddy, I'm driving"

hehehe....as you can see, I like mess'n with stuff. I'm gonna mess with this blog thingy till it's either a total disaster or the way I want it.....I ain't done yet!!!

Anyhows, I got up at 7am this morning....MsB would be soooo proud of me sleep'n that late. After I drunk up my first jug of coffee, I got me some renewed energy and started do'n stuff. Put a hurt'n on the dishes. They all clean and put up. Throwed a bottle of vinegar in the coffee maker...let it sit...and turned it on. Maybe I'll have some "good" coffee when I get all the vinegar out. Will test in a few minutes. Swept the kitchen floor...get'n ready to wash it and wax. Trash all bagged up for the dumpster. Oh, did I mention I found the kitchen table under all the junk. Found a couple wrenches I been look'n for over a month now. Washed the laptop and it looks like brand new.

Ok, all this writ'n bout work is making me tired. Better take a break and eat something. Chicken and mater sandwich with creole seasoning.

Weather today is absolutely wonderful. Here it is 2pm and it's only 78 degs. A slight breeze out of the south...Mexico I suppose. Big ol' white clouds everywhere. Makes ya wanna do something.

Couldn't resist mess'n with my blog layout. What ya think???? Now if I could only figger out a way to put some "redneck" stuff on it.

Had a great dinner out on "da porch". Still only 82 degs, what is great for eat'n. Finished cut'n Sadie's hair earlier and she happy as a pig in a slop trough.

Ok, I done entirely too much for one day. Will see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Is That your web toed Cat trying to drive? You know that only the Maine Coon Cat has webbed feet in the US? so if she has webs between her toes, she is at least part Maine Coon.

    Scruff was part Main Coon and BIG ole feet. BTW, he was a New Mexico rescue cat from a feed mill in Los Lunas .

  2. Whats gotten into you? You been doing more than me lately.

  3. I am very proud of you Billy Bob for sleeping in late (if you can call 7:00 am late) and also for getting all your dishes washed and put up.

    That picture of your cat is so precious, it brings a tear to my eye as it reminds me of Bonnie Blue...

    Your blog is looking good. Take a rest you are about to loose your title of "king of doing nuttin".